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UIPM 2019 Global Laser Run City Tour: Nizhny Novgorod (RUS) raises the bar

Laser Run

One of the unique features of the Global Laser Run City Tour is the way it brings friends and families together to compete, and this was fully realised during a spectacular instalment in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, on May 18.

“The parents supported their children, and later in the evening the children supported their parents, who also decided to compete,” said Dmitry Svatkovsky, the Sydney 2000 Olympic champion who played a major role in the organisation of the event.

In all, more than 550 citizens and guests of Nizhny Novgorod participated in the Laser Run, held in the central historical part of the city on the Volga river.

It was the city’s second GLRCT and local officials made good on their pledge – with extensive support from Svatkovsky, President of the European Modern Pentathlon Confederation and Vice-President of the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Russia – to expand the competition for 2019, giving more communities the chance to gain access to UIPM Sports.

Not only were able-bodied athletes of all ages encouraged to participate, but there was also provision for disabled athletes such as 22-year-old Artsiom Karapukhin, who took part in a 3x400m Laser Run.

Karapukhin had previous experience of sports such as football and sledge hockey, but this was his first time shooting with a laser pistol, and he said: “It was not easy at all to shoot after the running lap – to be able to show good results in this sport you need constant training.

“I would like to thank all the organizers for their great work. Everything was at a very high level of organization and safety. I will definitely come to participate again.” 

A spokesperson for the local organising committee said: “We are very grateful to Dmitry Svatkovsky, who helped us to plan and confirm every small detail of the event long in advance.

“His experience in the organization of major sport events, beginning with the UIPM 2004 Pentathlon World Championships and most recently the FIFA World Cup in 2018, helped us achieve a successful, bright and enjoyable Laser Run competition.”

Dmitry Svatkovsky OLY added: “Today we celebrated the beauty of sport and Modern Pentathlon. Competitors from 10am to 8pm had a chance to try Laser Run and I am sure that everyone took back home not only positive mood, medals and diplomas but also new friends.

“Such competitions motivate young generations for further regular training and active lifestyles. The combination of running and shooting tests an athlete’s endurance, visual acuity and ability to control emotions at the shooting range.

“Today I have seen tears of happiness and tears of loss, and I hope there will be athletes who participated in the Laser Run competitions who will later join Modern Pentathlon schools and clubs.

“Today’s  Global Laser Run City Tour in Nizhny Novgorod demonstrated a high level of sports culture, education for younger generations, love for sport and deep respect for UIPM and its traditions. 

“We hope Nizhny Novgorod with the support of local government will become a traditional host for the GLRCT and other international modern pentathlon events in future.”

The GLRCT was created to provide an entry point to UIPM Sports for people of all ages in urban communities around the world.

Another 100 cities have been selected in 2019 as hosts of the GLRCT or the Biathle/Triathle National Tour. The full calendar can be viewed at the UIPM website, where you can also find more information on UIPM’s various multi-discipline sports.

In September, the UIPM Laser Run World Championships will be incorporated into the Pentathlon World Championships for the first time in Budapest (HUN), where Laser Run is also on the programme for the 1st World Urban Games.

In December, Laser Run and Triathle will both feature for the first time in the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in the Philippines.

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