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UIPM 2019 Pentathlon and Laser Run World Championships: Dogue & Nobis (GER) stand up to scrutiny in Men’s Relay

Modern Pentathlon

– The Olympic champion stood between them and gold but Germany refused to be intimidated as they stormed to victory in the Men’s Relay on day two of the UIPM 2019 Pentathlon and Laser Run World Championships.

As well as Alexander Lesun of Russia, Alexander Nobis and Patrick Dogue (GER) were also up against Asia’s top two athletes in Jung Jinhwa and Jun Woongtae of Korea, but they kept their levels high throughout all disciplines to become worthy world champions.

Korea (Jung/Jun) pulled off a superb Laser Run to win silver, while Lesun and Danil Kalimullin (RUS) stayed strong to claim bronze.

Belarus (Yaraslau Radziuk & Kirill Kasyanik), France (Alexandre Henrard & Jean-Baptiste Mourcia) and Egypt (Mohanad Shaban & Ahmed Hamed) completed the top six.


Dogue (GER) added: “In every discipline we did a good job. We won the Fencing and for us in Swimming, we had a really good time, and then we also won the Riding with a clear round.

“The Laser Run is our strongest discipline and we started in first place, so we knew we just had to keep going and it would be fine.”

Nobis (GER) said: “It’s always good to win a competition and when it’s the World Championships, even better. We had such a good day, everything was perfect.

“It’s always nice to compete in a Pentathlon Arena like this, it’s really cool.

“We want to keep the levels high all week. We started with a gold medal here and we have a strong men’s team so we hope we can all perform very well in the individual.”

Silver medallist Jung (KOR) said: “The beginning was not great, but as time went by we worked together to achieve a great result and we are really happy about that.

“It’s great to have all disciplines in one arena, and all the facilities here are very good.”

His team-mate Jun (KOR) added: “Our Laser Run was really great, it’s definitely our best discipline.”

Bronze medallist Kalimullin (RUS) said: “I’m very happy because it’s my first senior medal, I only had junior medals until now.

“I had a very long break because of injury and now I’m happy because it’s a World Championships.  It’s very comfortable for athletes to have all the disciplines in one arena.”



The pace was set by Great Britain in the Swimming pool, as Myles Pillage and Oliver Murray dominated with a winning time of 1min 44.16sec.

The United States ranked 2nd with a time of 1:47.66 thanks to Amro Elgeziry and Tyler Evans, while Korea (Jung/Jun) also performed well with 1:48.29.


Germany (Nobis/Dogue) emerged as the kings of the piste thanks to a commanding score of 25V/11D, while Russia (Lesun/Kalimullin) stayed in touch with 23V/13D and three nations managed 21 victories.

They were China (Luo Shuai & Zhang Linbin), Poland (Lukasz Gutkowski & Daniel Lawrynowicz) and Korea (Jung/Jun), but the latter suffered a 10-point penalty and ended up with just 216 points. China (Zhang/Luo) added three victories in the Bonus Round to be the last team standing.


Far from relinquishing their lead, Germany (Nobis/Dogue) only enhanced their gold-medal chances with an exceptional ride, scoring 297 out of a maximum 300.

Belarus (Radziuk/Kasyanik) managed the same score and Russia (Lesun/Kalimullin) refused to let the leaders get away, putting 294 on the board.

The overall race opened up a little as a number of contenders suffered damage to their prospects. China (Zhang/Luo) and Poland (Gutkowski/Lawrynowicz) conceded 53 and 61 penalties respectively, while USA (Elgeziry/Evans) were eliminated after Evans (USA) suffered too many refusals.


Germany (Nobis/Dogue) started with a 15sec lead over Russia (Lesun/Kalimullin), with Belarus (Radziuk/Kasyanik) a further 23sec behind and Korea (Jung/Jun) lurking behind them in 4th.

Jun (KOR) made his move into the bronze-medal position at the second shoot, but Germany (Nobis/Dogue) and Lesun (RUS) held their positions without undue difficulty.

It was when Kalimullin (RUS) took over from the Olympic champion that Jung (KOR) sensed his opportunity, and he exploited the youngster’s struggles at the final shoot to move past him into the silver-medal position.

One of the highlights of the Laser Run was a rapid circuit by world junior champion Mourcia (FRA), who along with Henrard (FRA) set the fastest time of 10:34. Korea (Jun/Jung) completed the course in 10:46.


UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “After the Women’s Relay we had a very exciting race between 19 teams in the Men’s Relay today, and we can say again that we saw a really dynamic final.

“There was such an excellent race between Korea and Russia for second place, and for me it’s important that the athletes experience the real spirit of a team competition through the relay, and the crowd played a big part in creating atmosphere today.

“For all the people who were involved today it was an exciting day here in Budapest, and now we are looking forward to the individual and team competitions where, as we know, there is the opportunity to qualify for the Olympics.

“I want to congratulate the organisers on what they have prepared so far, and we can look forward without any concerns to the coming days. The nations have also prepared their athletes for the highest performances.”



The Pentathlon World Championships is being televised live or ‘as live’ in 144 countries, with a total of 133 hours of coverage secured by TV networks. This amounts to a total potential reach of 431 million homes.

Check out which TV network is showing the UIPM 2019 Pentathlon World Championships in your country!

On the finals days (September 6-8) you can watch a live stream of the Fencing Bonus Round, Riding, Laser Run and the medal ceremony on UIPM TV and YouTube, with no geographical restrictions. The Laser Run and medal ceremony can also be watched live on Facebook.

Follow World Pentathlon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for additional content, and visit the UIPM website or download the “UIPM Central” app to keep track of results.



The UIPM 2019 Pentathlon World Championships continues on Wednesday, September 4 with qualification for the Women’s Final and concludes on Sunday, September 8 with the Mixed Relay.

Spectators attending the three finals days (September 6-8) will have the bonus of seeing the UIPM Laser Run World Championships during the early part of the day.

Tickets can be bought at the official website.


UIPM 2019 Pentathlon World Championships schedule

(* live stream on UIPM TV)

September 2: Women’s Relay

September 3: Men’s Relay

September 4: Women’s Qualification

September 5: Men’s Qualification | Women’s Final Fencing Ranking Round

September 6: Women’s Final* | Men’s Final Fencing Ranking Round

September 7: Men’s Final*

September 8: Mixed Relay*


UIPM 2019 Laser Run World Championships schedule

September 6: Women’s Final

September 7: Men’s Final

September 8: Mixed Relay

Rank Team Nation MP Points
1 DOGUE Patrick
NOBIS Alexander
GER 1506
2 JUN Woongtae
JUNG Jinhwa
KOR 1482
LESUN Aleksander
RUS 1475
RADZIUK Yaraslau
BLR 1465
5 HENRARD Alexandre
MOURCIA Jean Baptiste
FRA 1459
6 HAMED Ahmed
EGY 1449
7 SZABÓ   Illés
HUN 1439
POL 1432
9 ZHANG Linbin
LUO Shuai
CHN 1431
ESP 1428
11 FAGUNDES Danilo
BRA 1427
12 CARRILLO Duilio
SILVA Melchor 
MEX 1425
13 SVECHOTA Ondrej
BILKO Martin
CZE 1413
14 GRASSELLI Valerio
COLASANTI Alessandro
ITA 1408
15 MALITS Istvan
HUN 1404
16 PILLAGE Myles
GBR 1372
17 MIHALEV Todor
BUL 1350
USA 1156
SUKHAREV Vladislav
KAZ 698

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