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UIPM 2020 Masters World Championships in Gyor (HUN) cancelled


The UIPM President, Dr Klaus Schormann, has sent a message of reassurance to the UIPM Masters community after the cancellation of the UIPM 2020 Masters World Championships.

The UIPM Executive Board agreed to a request from the Hungarian Modern Pentathlon Association (HMPA) to cancel the biennial championships, due to be held in Gyor (HUN) from September 17-20, because of the ongoing global travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

President Dr Schormann said: “Modern Pentathlon is a sport for life and the UIPM Masters movement is very important in providing opportunities for lifelong participation.

“Every time we have had to cancel a competition due to the global Coronavirus situation, it has been a very sad moment, and I feel particularly sorry for the Masters pentathletes who have fewer opportunities to compete than youth, junior and senior athletes.

“We do hope our UIPM Masters community members can return to the field of play very soon. I ask you all to stay healthy, stay safe and keep up your training as much as you can until the next time we can all meet!”

Peter Engerisser, Chair of the UIPM Masters Committee, added: “I feel very sad that, due to the pandemic, the UIPM Masters World Championships had to be cancelled for the first time since it began in 1992. But our worldwide Masters community is very much aware of the high risks that especially our elderly athletes would be currently exposed to during any international competition.

“Instead we are very much looking forward to hopefully unburdened competitions next year. “

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