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UIPM 2023 Junior World Championships: President’s welcome

Modern Pentathlon

Dear athletes, dear coaches and trainers, dear guests and officials!  

Welcome to the UIPM 2023 Junior World Championships, a competition that is paramount to the development of pentathletes who will soon reach the top level of our Olympic multi-sport Modern Pentathlon.

Lithuania has a strong track record of organising high-level UIPM international competitions in all age categories. After the European U19 & U17 Championships earlier this year, Modern Pentathlon returns to Druskininkai to provide the world’s best U22 athletes with an historic opportunity.

As many of you will know, this will be the first UIPM Junior World Championships to feature the integrated Obstacle discipline, in place of Riding. After the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, this exciting new combination of five disciplines will be in place at all levels! We could already see many times that young athletes love this new challenge.

I would like to thank all volunteers, sponsors, supporters, government and media representatives and the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania for always supporting our multi-sport, which has enabled Lithuania to enjoy Olympic and global success.

Finally, I ask all athletes to compete in a fair way and to take the opportunity to build new friendships and enjoy a social experience. Remember the spirit of Pierre de Coubertin and the Olympic values as we together enjoy the glory of our wonderful sport of Modern Pentathlon.


Dr Klaus Schormann

UIPM President