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UIPM 2024 Laser Run World Championships: Women's champion Wu (CHN) flourishes on opening day

Laser Run

Xiyao Wu led a remarkable 1-2-3 as China kickstarted their hosting of the UIPM 2024 Pentathlon and Laser Run World Championships in style.

Wu (CHN) won the senior women’s Laser Run gold medal ahead of compatriots Yujuan Ma (CHN) and Wanting Sun (CHN), all three managing to conquer the overseas challenge led by Mariana Arceo of Mexico, as well as Asian rivals from Philippines and India.

The Chinese did not have it their own way in the other Women’s Individual categories on day one, however.

Mastering temperatures of 30C+, there were eye-catching victories for two Individual Neutral Athletes (AIN), Mira Buraya (Junior) and Aliaksandra Liashenka (U19).

Alia Enayet of Egypt held off the challenge of Mika-Leigh Strydom of South Africa in the U17 final, reversing the earlier U15 success of Meghan Kleynhans (RSA) over the 2023 U17 pentathlon world champion, Farida Khalil (EGY).

In the youngest age categories there was a clean sweep for Egypt with gold going to Jody Ramadan (U13),  Roaa Abd Elmaksod (U11) and Joudy Massoud (EGY), with China and South Africa also enjoying medal success.

And in the Masters categories, Andra Novicka of Latvia dominated at 40+ level for her third consecutive crown, 50+ gold went to Jene Banfield (RSA) and Jillian Wallace of Great Britain scooped the 60+ title.

Senior champion Wu (CHN) said: “First of all, I want to say thank you for the good opportunity for this World Championships to be held in China for the first time.

“As pentathletes, we always adapt to racing in different conditions, and the most difficult thing here is crossing the Riding course.”

Junior champion Buraya (AIN) said: “I’m happy because we couldn’t compete with other countries for two years, and that was too hard. But now we come again, and I’m very happy because when I feel competitive like this, it’s unreal emotion.

“Today it was hot weather, and my shooting could have been better, but it wasn’t a big problem because I had a nice run. Maybe I didn’t run for a week because I had a little injury, but now I could run and it was great for me. I’m more focused, because when I started I was so nervous. I was shaking so much and I was stressed. But I managed to relax and it was great.”

Her team-mate, U19 champion Liashenka (AIN), added: “It was an interesting race. Quite a good experience for me because I haven’t competed in World Championships for two years. It was a little bit nervous for me, so Shooting wasn’t good at all. I always shoot well but not today.

“But I was still able to win, so I’m very, very happy. The weather was difficult, very hot for me, but it’s still great. I’ve been working very hard, running every day for the past month, and it feels good. I’m really happy, I have no words.”

U17 champion Enayet (EGY) said: “I had trouble in the Shooting initially, but the fourth series was very good. It was amazing, I’m very happy – it’s my first time winning a gold medal in Laser Run. I didn’t even win in my country until now.

“In Egypt it’s also very hot, so I’m used to it. I’m very proud – thanks to all my coaches who really did the hard work with me. I’m very happy.”

More than 700 aspiring world champions from 52 nations are congregating at the Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Centre to compete in the UIPM 2024 Pentathlon and Laser Run World Championships over the next 10 days.

Three days of Laser Run action bring athletes of all generations together as they compete for world titles in age grades from Under 9 to Masters 70+. 

With 550 athletes representing 24 countries, the global showcase of UIPM’s most popular development sport continues on June 8 with the Men’s Individual categories, with the Mixed Relays wrapping up the Laser Run racing on June 9.

Click here to read the UIPM President’s welcome to the UIPM 2024 Pentathlon and Laser Run World Championships.


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The UIPM 2024 Laser Run World Championships run from June 7-9, based on the following schedule (UIPM TV live coverage times in Central European Summer Time).

  • Saturday, June 8 | Men’s Individual (2.00am)
  • Sunday, June 9 | Mixed Relays (2.00am)

The UIPM 2024 Pentathlon World Championships runs from June 9-16, based on the following schedule (UIPM TV live coverage times in Central European Summer Time).

  • Sunday, June 9 | Fencing Ranking Round: Women’s Relay & Men’s Relay
  • Monday, June 10 | Women’s Relay & Men’s Relay
  • Tuesday, June 11 | Women’s Qualification
  • Wednesday, June 12 | Men’s Qualification | Women’s Fencing Ranking Round
  • Thursday, June 13 | Women’s Semi-final A (8.45am); Semi-final B (11.30am) | Men’s Fencing Ranking Round
  • Friday, June 14 | Men’s Semi-final A (8.45am); Semi-final B (11.30am)
  • Saturday, June 15 | Women’s Final (4am) | Men’s Final (10.30am)
  • Sunday, June 16 | Mixed Relay (10.30am)

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