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UIPM 2024 Pentathlon Junior World Championships: Women’s Qualification

Modern Pentathlon

The UIPM 2024 Pentathlon Junior World Championships continued in Alexandria (EGY) on Tuesday as 64 of the best young women pentathletes fought through a frenetic Qualification phase.


Two separate groups of 32 contenders dug in on what proved another energy-sapping day when the temperatures hit 32C in the historic city. The 18 best performers in each group made it through to the Women’s Final which takes place on Super Saturday, June 29.


In the first group it was the home favourite and 13-year-old phenom Farida Khalil of Egypt who showed absolutely no ill-effects from her gold medal-clinching efforts in Monday’s Women’s Relay as she led all qualifiers with a whopping total of 1,374 points, good for a 26-second lead over the field. Khalil’s prowess in the Obstacle discipline was all too apparent as her time of 0:34.80 was fastest of all qualifiers and one of just two in Group A to break 40 seconds.


Behind her, Coline Flavin of France and reigning Women’s Junior World Champion Josefine Unterberger of Germany were in impressive form with Asian talents in the shape of Sumin Shin of Korea and China’s Jiayi Liu comfortably making it through. The big shock came further down the field where senior World No.11 Malak Ismail (EGY) failed to progress in spite of a blistering Laser Run, her struggles in Obstacle proving too difficult to overcome.


In the day’s second group, Viktoriia Sazonova (AIN) narrowly pipped Zeina Amer (EGY) in a fast finish, just two seconds separating them. Louison Cazaly (FRA), who won bronze in this competition in 2023, was also among the fastest qualifiers while Switzerland teenager Florina Jurt qualified in 11th place, joining her twin sister Katharina who had earlier progressed through Group A.


A total of 12 nations across three continents will be represented in the 36 Finalists on Super Saturday with Egypt, China, Germany, Hungary, France and Switzerland all boasting three each.


The UIPM 2024 Pentathlon Junior World Championships is available to subscribers on UIPM.TV where annual packages cost €14.99.


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The UIPM 2024 Pentathlon Junior World Championships runs from June 25-30, based on the following schedule (UIPM TV live coverage times in Central European Summer Time).

•          Wednesday, June 26 | Women’s Qualification

•          Thursday, June 27 | Men’s Qualification

•          Friday, June 28 | Women’s & Men’s Fencing Ranking Round

•          Saturday, June 29 | Women’s Final (1pm) | Men’s Final (5pm)

•          Sunday, June 30 | Mixed Relay (5pm)


The 36 qualified athletes for the Women's Final are:

Rank  Name  Nation  Points
 1   KHALIL Farida  EGY  1374 
 2   FLAVIN Coline  FRA  1348 
3  UNTERBERGER Josefine  GER  1317 
4  KARBOWNIK Malgorzata  POL  1317 
5  LIU Jiayi  CHN  1309 
6  SHIN Sumin  KOR  1309 
7  SAZONOVA Viktoriia  AIN  1308 
8  ZEMAN Zora  HUN  1307 
9  AMER Zeina  EGY  1306 
10  TAGIROVA Amina  AIN  1304 
11  DERVAL Mathilde  FRA  1301 
12  CAZALY Louison  FRA  1300 
13  LEH Cicelle  GER  1300 
14  CHOI Inri  KOR  1299 
15  DEBSKA Katarzyna  POL  1298 
16  ZHU Xiyu  CHN  1297 
17  GIOIA Teresa  ITA  1294 
18  WU Xiyao  CHN  1294 
19  SOLOVEVA Yana  AIN  1293 
20  JURT Katharina  SUI  1293 
21  DULAI Kinga  HUN  1290 
22  DOBRONYI Dorina  HUN  1290 
23  KANDIL Amira  EGY  1289 
24  SKUDNYAKOVA Elizaveta  AIN  1289 
25  JURT Florina  SUI  1288 
26  WALTERMANN Anna  GER  1287 
27  HATFIELD Natalie  GBR  1286 
28  MEYER Vivienne  SUI  1285 
29  KE Yani  CHN  1282 
30  MITEVA Ralitsa  BUL  1279 
31  BIERNACKA Maja  POL  1279 
32  SPEAKMAN Gina  GBR  1276 
33 AXMANN Lisa Sophie AUT 1276
34 MARTINESCU Valentina  ITA  1270 
35 SAUVY Morgane  FRA  1266 
36 BURAYA Mira  AIN  1241 

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