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UIPM and Athlete365 hold educational self-development workshops for next generation

Sixty youth pentathletes and athlete entourages from 10 countries completed the IOC Athlete365 Career+ Power Up Workshops during the recent UIPM 2021 Youth World Championships in Alexandria, Egypt.

UIPM has continually recognized that many athletes face significant challenges pursuing their self-development and education whilst focusing on their sporting career. It was therefore with great pleasure that UIPM took the opportunity to deliver then IOC programme at the championships, held at Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport earlier in September. 

Across two action-based learning sessions, athletes were able to unite, interact with each other and learn about themselves through reflection, games, storytelling, discussion and questioning. 

The workshop has been designed to help athletes identify their superpowers and strength, as well as to familiarize themselves with working tools that help to manage and develop their skills. The course has been useful for the athletes' entourage too, providing insights on athletes' character, behaviour and personality features and how this can be integrated into training process.

The workshops were delivered by Athlete365 Career+ Certified Educators — pentathlete and Olympian Dmytro Kirpulyanskyy and former pentathlete Anfisa Kasyanova, who is also UIPM Project Manager. Many slots with different timings were provided in order to broaden the accessibility to all athletes who are competing in different days. The course was available in English and Russian with additional printing materials in French, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish to avoid any language barrier and facilitate communication.


Participants’ impressions of the workshops

Cedric Chatellier (FRA), U19 World Championships silver medallist and 3rd in Team:

“The workshop was great, positive vibes and absolutely no headache. It made us busy during the days when we didn't have much to do and it didn't disturb me at all for my competition. On the contrary by learning more about myself thanks to the course I was able to give more and be more determined for the final competition day.

I think it is fundamental to know who we are deeply, even though I believe it is a life-long process and this is why some of the answers were difficult to find for the workshop, because I don't know yet precisely what will be my goals or what I want to bring to this world. But these questions allow us to really take hindsight and maybe in the end help us find answers”.


Zeina Amer (EGY), U19 World Championships silver medallist in Team:

“It was a useful and nice experience. I definitely think it is important for athletes to learn about self-awareness. It helped and gave basic introductions and explanations that we as athletes should be aware about and which will help us in the future. The duration can be even longer in order to be able engage and communicate with each other more. ”


Vadim Chudnovskii, Uzbekistan Youth Team Head Coach:

“It was obvious to me that such activities are beneficial for athletes, as the way of thinking switches from a narrowly sport-focused [one] to a broader and more flexible one.

For me, as the head and personal trainer, the reaction and perception of athletes to receive new information was interesting to observe too.

I will try to transfer this to the training process, because I find the ability to perceive new things and the flexibility of thinking are very important for learning in Modern Pentathlon. Athletes with such characteristics quickly perceive new technical elements, information and actions.

In general, such seminars contribute to improving self-education, understanding the need to learn foreign languages and further adaptation to life after sports.”

Ana Luisa Almeida, Brazil National Team Manager:

“The organization of the Power Up workshops during the U19 and U17 World Championships was a great opportunity for young athletes to lean more about themselves in a relaxed way, accompanied by athletes from around the globe. Doubtless, such type of action should be kept for the years to come in order to better prepare our athletes for the future, not only in sports, but for life in general.“


Dmytro Kirpulyanskyy OLY, Athlete365 educator:

“Power Up sessions are very important for the athletes. Attending these sessions, they can discover many interesting things about their self-identity, about their interests, strengths and weaknesses. This information help them to understand who they are now and whom they want to become in the future.

I was pleased to deliver this course to young pentathletes at the Youth World Championship in Alexandria. Personal thanks to the UIPM President Klaus Schorman and to the UIPM Secretary General Shiny Fang for supporting athletes. The International Modern Pentathlon federation is one of the first federations to organize such event for their athletes”.

The provision of educational and learning opportunities is part of UIPM’s commitment to the athletes through the Athletes Centered Programme (ACP). Even more opportunities and resources will be available for athletes on the UIPM website and at ACP platform in the very near future.


Athlete365 Career+ Power Up Workshops

The Athlete365 Career+ Power Up workshops are a self-discovery journey to grow and develop an understanding of yourself and help you explore your future career choices. The Power Up workshops are designed by Olympians and experts and delivered with the The Adecco Group. The workshops are open to all elite athletes and entourage online and in-person in six languages. No matter at what stage athlete is in career, it is important to take time to reflect and evaluate who you are and what you want out of life.

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