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UIPM and global Modern Pentathlon family continues its support of Ukraine and Ukrainian pentathletes

UIPM Family

As the war in Ukraine continues into an eighth week, the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) has reiterated its steadfast support to all of those affected, including Ukrainian members of the Modern Pentathlon family and expressed renewed hope for an end to the conflict. 

Since the war began in late February, the entire global Pentathlon community has stepped forward in solidarity of its Ukrainian counterparts. The UIPM Executive Board has also continually sought out ways to provide direct support and aid to our member federation, the Ukrainian Modern Pentathlon Federation, and all of the affiliated athletes, coaches, officials and their families who have been affected by this terrible conflict. 

This support has come in the form of financial, material and logistical support to Ukrainian athletes forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries, financial aid directly to the UMPF and its athletes and the opening of an online fundraiser for those affected. 

For Ukrainian athletes currently based in Poland, UIPM has contributed items from the UIPM shop such as T-shirts, jackets, bags, shoes and caps as well as 6 complete sets of fencing uniform and 6 sets of shooting equipment. For those who are now Lithuania, UIPM has provided 7 complete sets of fencing uniform and 7 sets of shooting equipment.

In addition, UIPM covered all of the costs for a Ukrainian team to compete in the first World Cup of the season in Cairo last month. UIPM invited Ukrainian competitor Maksym Aharushev (UKR) to Egypt and covered his participation fee, transportation and hotel costs for the entire delegation. Aharushev (UKR) competed admirably in the Men’s competition, qualifying for the Semi-finals. UIPM will also be providing support for a Ukrainian team to compete at the upcoming World Cup event in Budapest. 

Across the Modern Pentathlon global family there has been an equally constant flow of support. The Korean Modern Pentathlon Federation have donated €20,000 in relief funds while the Asian Confederation pledged €10,000. The UIPM’s online fundraiser, meanwhile, continues to collect funds to help all of those affected

UIPM President Dr. Klaus Schormann said: “In this very difficult time during the war in Ukraine, on behalf of UIPM, we would like to once again underline our solidarity with all Ukrainian people in this incredibly difficult situation and also express our thanks to all people and institutions who are deeply involved and engaged in the push to provide humanitarian help.

“The World Modern Pentathlon family offers a lot of help through the actions of UIPM, directly to the athletes of our member federation, the Ukrainian Modern Pentathlon Federation, and their families.

“I want to express many thanks to UIPM confederations AMPC and EMPC, to our NFs like Poland, Korea, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Moldova, and many more for their dedicated efforts.

“On this Easter weekend, let’s find together an island of peace and security, to find a quiet time to think about a better world, never giving up the hope of humanitarian life in present time and future. Happy Easter to all of you and your families!”

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