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UIPM announces new TV and digital partnership with ISB and the creation of a Television Commission

  • ISB, one of pioneers of sports TV production, ready for “inspiring challenge” as new partner
  • UIPM calls on NFs to nominate a representative member of new Television Commission

Madrid-based company ISB has won the tender to become UIPM’s new television and digital content partner. ISB will team up with UIPM at a historic time of change for Modern Pentathlon with a new Television Commission also being created to help make the sport’s TV product a dynamic and engaging success.

The tender was issued by UIPM after ISB submitted a bid which ranked highest based on five deciding factors: their understanding of the brief, experience in similar sports, evidence of success in similar projects, quality of bid proposal and value for money.

Earlier in August 2021, UIPM issued a tender in order to find a partner regarding the production and distribution of its television programme as well as digital content for its social platforms. The tender attracted nine total bidders and UIPM thanks them all for the great quality of their proposals.

UIPM believes ISB is the right candidate to work with in building a strong, compelling television and digital product for our new Modern Pentathlon format as well as our other multi-discipline sports.

By winning this tender, ISB will have the responsibility to coordinate, produce, distribute and manage the rights of eight major UIPM events including the whole Modern Pentathlon World Cup series, the World Cup Final and the World Championships. UIPM’s development path is also a part of the agreement as a live feed will be produced for the Biathle-Triathle World Championships as well as the Laser Run World Championships.

In appointing a partner with vast experience in the Olympic movement as the host broadcaster of all its major events, UIPM is confident ISB will enhance the quality of UIPM’s TV product. The values of heritage and innovation that UIPM has in its DNA are in line with ISB’s use of new technologies and production enhancements through its work with the Olympic Games.

ISB was founded by Manolo Romero, one of the pioneers in sports television, and specializes in host broadcast coverage of major sporting events.

In 2001, the IOC asked ISB to launch Olympic Broadcasting Services to be responsible for the Host Broadcasting operation of all Olympic Games, Olympic Winter Games and Youth Olympic Games until the end of 2012.

ISB’s broadcasting of each event has continued to exceed all previous occasions and it has been acknowledged by numerous Olympic Golden Rings, Emmy’s and other awards. This in turn, has assisted many Rights Holding Broadcasters in achieving similar success and broadcast rating records in their home territories.

ISB CEO, Ursula Romero, said: “After having personally produced Modern Pentathlon for the Olympic world feed, I am very honoured and excited to be able to create beautiful and dynamic pictures of such an established and historical sport such as Modern pentathlon. It will be a welcomed and inspiring challenge.”

UIPM is also announcing the creation of a Television Commission, a body whose role will be to contribute to the enhancement of its TV product by fostering the creative ideas that can be found within the Modern Pentathlon family as well as outside experts.

The commission will be composed of: a representative from the Athletes Committee; a representative from the National Federations; a representative from the UIPM’s media partner; the Executive Board member for Media and the Executive Board member for Marketing.

UIPM invites all interested National Federations to make a nomination for the NF representative position on the Television Commission. NFs can submit a proposal along with the CV of the nominated individual to Nominations must be received before December 5, 2021.

The commission will be chaired by UIPM First Vice-President, Juan Antonio Samaranch, an IOC member, who is also on the board of directors of the Olympic Channel Services.

The creation of the Television Commission is in line with UIPM’s commitment to involve its athletes and community in key decisions linked to the future of the sport.

UIPM President, Dr. Klaus Schormann, said: “I am happy to underline that we are working with top partners and increasing our media work at a very high level for the whole UIPM pyramid.

“In the days of digital media, TV still plays still an important part. Through the new partnership we are extending and expanding our platform for promotion and marketing linked to all of our multi-sport events as well as the Olympic parts of Modern Pentathlon. We are very hopeful that this will help us capture an even bigger audience for our great sport.”

UIPM Secretary General, Shiny Fang, said: “UIPM had been struggling with its TV product since the day that TV became the most crucial medium for the Olympic movement in the 1990s. That is partly due to the unique multi-discipline nature of our sport in multiple venues, as well as the length of the competition.

“But from 2018, we have been able to provide a one-venue concept for all 5 disciplines to present spectators a more compacted, dynamic view with 1 seat watching all 5 disciplines within 5 hours, as recently happened at the Tokyo Games. However, it is still largely an edited live product with highlights and the only live broadcast coming for the Laser Run.  


“From 2022, UIPM will be able to present a 90-minute real live TV program for broadcasters and much wider audiences to really know this historic sport. For that, we need a partner with full Olympic experiences and spirit to help us, advise us, and to help us demonstrate the beauty of the sport. We are confident that ISB will be that partner.


“UIPM is looking forward to working with ISB’s expert team to explore all the possibilities to show a compact and exciting MP program, allowing more people to know the sport, access the sport, and eventually join in.


“It won’t be an easy task but there is great excitement at the possibility of digging deeper into all of the potential of a sport that carries the spirit of Coubertin and Olympism forward.”


UIPM First Vice-President, Juan Antonio Samaranch, said: “I am delighted that these two historic developments have been made for the future of UIPM’s television product.

“As someone who has watched so closely the dynamic and consistent success ISB have had, it is a potentially transformative agreement to now have ISB turn its expertise to our great UIPM sports. ISB have shown vision and invention on so many occasions and that they become UIPM’s partner at this transformational moment for Modern Pentathlon seems to be a case of perfect timing.

“The creation of a first ever Television Commission is also hugely welcome. I am honoured to be the first chairperson of the commission and look forward greatly to working with our athletes and wider community to ensure UIPM’s television and digital content does justice to our sport and athletes and helps engage all of our existing and dedicated fans and wins millions of new fans along the way.”

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