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UIPM asserts commitment to equality and values of respect and inclusion


As the governing body of the only sport conceived specifically for the modern Olympic Games, UIPM takes seriously its responsibility to ensure Modern Pentathlon is accessible to all and free of discrimination.

The founder of Modern Pentathlon, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, provided a clear message when he introduced the sport that it should stand as a pillar of equality and respect, protecting human rights and ensuring all participants were treated the same regardless of their background.

That philosophy of equality remains a vital strand of the movement, as underlined in the UIPM vision.

A sustainable and inclusive global environment that enables people of all ages, genders, religions, nationalities and social backgrounds to participate in multi-disciplinary sport, testing their bodies and minds to the limit and fulfilling their potential. 

The Union’s historic commitment to inclusion, as set out by Coubertin, is expressed today through the wide variety of multi-discipline sports that make up the UIPM Sports Pyramid, with Modern Pentathlon at the top.

Laser Run, the most accessible of all UIPM Sports, was created in 2015. The Global Laser Run City Tour was launched two years later, giving people in urban communities across the world an entry point to the UIPM Sports movement and a pathway to the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games or whatever level of competition they aspire to.

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “There has never been a more important time to underline the values of our sporting movement, especially equality and inclusion, respect and neutrality.

“Modern Pentathlon was built on a strong military heritage but it was always designed to be open to all. Horses were always provided and athletes never had to own their own. The continuous evolution of the sport through innovative changes in recent decades has had equality at its heart.

“Gender equality was established in 1972 at the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne et Biathlon (UIPMB) Congress in Munich (GER), where the women’s movement was officially endorsed. Modern Pentathlon at the Olympic Games has been completely gender neutral since Sydney 2000.

“Our movement stands against all forms of discrimination and offers equal opportunities regardless of ethnicity, religion and all other personal characteristics.

“We are committed to protecting the legacy of Coubertin while promoting sport as a vehicle for ideals of education, peace, democracy, tolerance and humanity.

“At this time of global upheaval and instability we stand in solidarity with the International Olympic Committee and I would like to remind all members of the global sports community of the importance of respecting our fellow citizens.”

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