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UIPM Biathle/ Triathle World Tour


The UIPM Biathle/ Triathle World Tour stages have been awarded.

You can start to prepare your plans for the 1st date which will see Dubai hosting again a Biathle event. The particularity of the calendar will see also India appears for the 1st time in the UIPM Biathle Triathle World Tour

2015 stages are:

- Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES : 14 February 2015 (invitation letter will be available soon)

- Cascina, ITALY : 06-07 June 2015 (dates to be confirmed)

- Setubal, PORTUGAL : 18-19 July 2015 (dates to be confirmed)

- Weymouth, GREAT BRITAIN : 05-06 September 2015 (dates to be confirmed)

- Goa, INDIA : 27 to 30 October 2015 (dates to be confirmed)

When all aspects of the competition will be determined, we will publish invitation letters at the National Federations Portal

Stay tuned!

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