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The UIPM Biathle/ Triathle World Tour #1: A remarkable day in Dubai


On 14 February, Dubai hosted the UIPM Biathle/ Triathle World Tour #1, where athletes from all over the world competed against some of the top United Arab Emirates based athletes.

This prestigious event organized by the Dubai Sports Council and the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) took place at the world class venue of Atlantis, the Palm Hotel Resort and Spa.

The UIPM Middle East Coordinator Mihail Kouzev said: “We are always enthusiastic about this event as it doesn’t just offer participation for elite and experienced athletes, but promotes Biathle and Modern Pentathlon in the region. As a former pentathlete, I am very eager to promote and develop this prestigious sport in this part of the world as I believe in the great values of it.”

“The Biathle is also a great way to stay fit and anyone who can run and swim can do it. We have the perfect venues to host such high ranked event. The combination of six stars hotels, beautiful open water beaches and the great weather condition during the month of February just made it the perfect event. We are looking forward to host many more successful Biathle events in Dubai”

Race organizer Warren van der Merwe, Managing Director of Super Sports, also commented: “The added bonus with this event is that the top 5 UAE local or resident finishers in each age group for all junior and adult categories will be invited to represent UAE as an international team against the world’s best, when the XV UIPM Biathle World Championships takes place in Georgia in September 2015”

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