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UIPM branding evolution continues with release of Uniform Guidelines

  • New standards designed to improve presentation of UIPM Sports
  • Rules will be mandatory in 2022 after transitional season in 2021
  • Publication of manual follows new visual identity unveiled in 2018

The evolution of the UIPM brand has continued with the release of the federation’s first-ever Uniform Guidelines.

The publication of the UIPM Uniform Guidelines 2020-21 follows the unveiling of a dynamic new visual identify for the federation in 2018. It formalises a motion to standardise the appearance of the UIPM logo on all competition uniforms approved by the UIPM 2017 Congress in Tbilisi (GEO).

The new standards will come into force in 2021. The first year will be a transitional period, giving athletes and National Federations time to fully adjust to the new rules before they become mandatory for all UIPM competitions from 2022.

The Uniform Guidelines provide guidance for the placement of the UIPM mark on all apparel worn by athletes during Modern Pentathlon competitions and award ceremonies, as well as other UIPM Sports such as Biathle, Triathle and Laser Run.

The advice has been shared with all National Federations and athletes along with instructions on the homologation of laser pistols.

Martin Dawe, UIPM Executive Board Member for Marketing, said: “The release of the UIPM Uniform Guidelines is another important step in the evolution of the UIPM brand.

“It’s important that we achieve consistency in the way the UIPM mark appears in video and photographic coverage of our competitions across TV, digital and print.

“By implementing these new standards, which are aligned to the International Olympic Committee guidelines on authorised identifications, all members of our community can contribute to the enhanced presentation and promotion of UIPM Sports.

“We are conscious of the difficult situation the whole world is facing at the moment due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and we don’t want our community to feel pressured by additional responsibilities at this time.

“The transitional year of 2021 should allow new procedures to bed in and we will welcome feedback during that period, with a view to all National Federations and athletes being ready to fully implement the guidance by 2022.”

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “Our athletes are special ambassadors not only for the Modern Pentathlon movement but also for our sponsors. The new UIPM Uniform Guidelines will create a more professional promotion for our sport and for the athletes, who will be more easily identified as pentathletes in the media.

“This is an important step towards a more professional philosophy linked to our Union, to our sponsors and to other future business partners.”

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