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UIPM clarifies position and opens registration for athletes call

Modern Pentathlon


Modern Pentathlon athletes are invited to join members of the UIPM Executive Board for a video call on Friday November 12 at 3pm CET.

The call aims to provide an open dialogue ahead of the consultation process in order to provide more background information about the EB decision. 

All active athletes who participated in UIPM Modern Pentathlon competitions in the current Olympic cycle (2017-2021) are welcome to register for the call, which will start with a briefing with further context, followed by a Q&A.



Media reports suggesting that the new fifth discipline has already been chosen by the UIPM Executive Board are inaccurate.

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “The consultation process is open, and I would like to clarify that no decision about the fifth discipline has been taken.

“We have received a lot of good ideas and proposals from our community, demonstrating the opportunity in front of us to create a new era for our beloved Olympic sport.

“All proposals will be evaluated by the consultation group and later by a dedicated working group.

“We thank our colleagues in the media for continually promoting the sport and our athletes with actual news and responsible reporting.

“We also encourage former and retired athletes to share their ideas and contributions with their National Federations, all of whom will meet during UIPM Congress on Nov 27/28.”

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