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UIPM Coaches Certification Programme: 13 coaches empowered in Cape Town (RSA)


South Africa is a perennial powerhouse in Triathle, Biathle and Laser Run and continues to work on supporting athletes to make the grade in Modern Pentathlon.

To that end, 13 coaches were empowered by a week of personal development in Cape Town (RSA) as they earned the Level 2 qualification of the UIPM Coaches Certification Programme (CCP).

The course took place at Stellenbosch Academy of Sport from December 7-11 and was overseen by UIPM Level 3 coach and Beijing 2008 Olympian Joshua Riker-Fox (CAN).

Joshua Riker-Fox said: “The Level 2 course took place in an excellent venue with training facilities a short walk away. It was good to see that the course was followed by a training camp, enabling the coaches to immediately put their new skills and learnings into practice.

“The mix of knowledge was an asset as it spurred good discussion. Participants came from different regions of South Africa, and several had never met each other in the past.”

Jenny O’Hanlon, Secretary General of the South African Modern Pentathlon Association (SAMPA), said: “This was a great milestone for SAMPA as we formalise our coaches certification. This is also a requirement from our National Olympic Committee.

“The commitment from our coaches in a quest to understand the complex and complete athlete bodes well for the future of pentathletes in South Africa.”

UIPM Coaches Committee Chairman Christian Roudaut said: “It’s great news that 13 coaches from South Africa have progressed to Level 2 of the CCP. I would like to thank Josh and everybody involved in this successful course, which demonstrates South Africa’s commitment to the development of athletes who can compete at all levels.”

Like all CCP courses, coaches will earn their Level 2 qualification when they conclude the syllabus by completing e-learning courses covering anti-doping and harassment prevention.

For more information on the CCP please visit the UIPM Educational Platform.

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