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UIPM Coaches Certification Programme: 20 Level 4 essays available to view


Modern Pentathlon coaches at all levels of their development journey have been urged to access one of the most valuable resources on UIPM’s Educational Platform.

The Platform contains 20 essays written by some of the most experienced and respected coaches in the UIPM Sports movement, covering everything from training methods, winning philosophy, sport science, doping prevention and budget planning.

The essays were submitted by the coaches as part of the Level 4 UIPM Coaches Certification Programme (CCP) courses undertaken in the past four years.

Candidates are required to submit a comprehensive essay as part of their assessment to obtain their certification. The essays are analysed by an expert panel consisting of at least two UIPM Level 4 coaches.

Alexandre Franca, UIPM Operations Director, said: “The essays are a valuable source not only for coaches but for everyone interested in deep knowledge about our sport and they cover five subjects.

i) Training concepts, methods and principles considered fundamental in the development of an athlete in Modern Pentathlon.

ii) Advanced thinking on ‘what it takes to win’ in Modern Pentathlon according to a personal coaching philosophy

(iii) The role of sport science in the process of achieving the high standard performance in Modern Pentathlon

(iv) Doping prevention to preserve and protect the athletes’ health and sporting values in Modern Pentathlon

(v) Sports budget plan – a four-year Olympic cycle financial plan for a national team, demonstrating in detail the reasoning for necessary expenditure around training programs, competitions, sport science support and other related subjects.

“I would urge coaches to tap into this rich source of information and intelligence whatever stage they are at in their own development journey.”

Visit the UIPM Educational Platform for a range of resources for coaches, judges and athletes.

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