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UIPM Coaches Certification Programme: South Asian expansion continues in Colombo (SRI)


Sri Lanka has been something of a hotbed for UIPM sports in recent years with both the Global Laser Run City Tour and the Biathle/Triathle National Tour making stops in the country. 

Now a new generation of coaches stands ready to help mould and inspire the growing pool of talent in the South Asian country after a successful UIPM Coaches Certification Programme (CCP) course in Colombo’s Torrington Ground. 

The Level 1 course ran from January 23-27 in the capital city with Carina Tomas Vicente (POR) on hand to deliver her first CCP course, instructing a group of 15 ambitious coaches.

UIPM Level 3 coach Carina Tomas Vicente (POR) said: “Colombo has welcomed us with open arms and the 15 participants from various parts of the country have worked hard over the week to achieve an incredible environment of learning and the motivation required to develop the sport in Sri Lanka. 

“From discussing coaching matters, to strategies on scouting new athletes and how to keep them motivated in training sessions, our participants ended the course wishing to work together and with the federation to promote the sport.”

UIPM Coaches Committee Chairman Christian Roudaut said: “I am so pleased to see another successful CCP course take place in Sri Lanka and this one served as another reminder of the value we place on gender equality across the movement. 

“Promoting coaching opportunities for women is a crucial part of continuing to grow our sports in South Asia and beyond. I congratulate Carina as well as all those whose efforts were crucial to the organisation of this course.”

Like all CCP courses, coaches will earn their Level 1 qualification when they conclude the syllabus by completing e-learning courses covering anti-doping and harassment prevention.

For more information on the CCP please visit the UIPM Educational Platform.

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