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UIPM Development Tours Spotlight: All the action from March-June

Laser Run

With Obstacle Laser Run now offering a third option to complement the established Global Laser Run City Tour (GLRCT) and Biathle-Triathle National Tour (BTNT), the UIPM Sports world is revolving with even more momentum in 2024.

In this round-up we bring you details of development tours that took place across Africa, Europe and Asia between March and June 2024.


GLRCT Alexandria (EGY)

March 1

The year’s first Laser Run Tour in Egypt was organised at Alexandria City in the Fleet Sporting Club, a well-known club within the Egyptian Armed Forces. Swimming was organised in addition to the Laser Run competitions.

The club's mission is community participation and giving all young people the opportunity to practise sports.

Over 15 clubs from across the country gathered, with more than 400 male and female athletes aged 9-60+ showing off their Laser Run prowess in competition.

Para athletes joined in, underlining Egypt’s commitment to supporting disability sport within the Modern Pentathlon community.

GLRCT Kuwait City (KUW)

March 2; June 1

The Kuwait Modern Pentathlon Federation, headed by Naser Al-Waleed, held two Laser Run City Tours at the headquarters of the Kuwait Olympic Committee, with more than 100 male and female players participating at all age levels.

The Saudi national team also participated in this tournament with 23 male and female players, and the competitions between Kuwaiti and Saudi counterparts at all age levels create great interest and fun with all the benefits of international competition.

President Al-Waleed commented: “We also have an upcoming Laser Run tournament that will be in Kuwait. All procedures will be facilitated for friendly countries to come to Kuwait and enjoy the Laser Run experience in our country.”

GLRCT Siauliai (LTU)

March 9

The Lithuanian city of Siauliai welcomed participants from Latvia alongside local and national athletes of all ages, who showcased their skills in Laser Run events.

A spokesperson for the local organising committee (LOC) said: “The event was lively with DJ music that kept everyone in high spirits. Athletes of all levels enjoyed the energetic atmosphere and friendly vibe.

“An awards ceremony provided a highlight, with winners recognised with excellent prizes. Overall, the event was a resounding success, promoting fitness, camaraderie and healthy competition in Siauliai and beyond.”



April 7

Up to 100 young athletes participated in this event, coming from cities Sachkhere, Tchiatura, Gori, Rustavi and Tbilisi.

LOC spokesperson Marika Kakhiashvili said: “I'm glad that the city of Gori keeps hosting GLRCT every year since 2022. It's an honour to hold the Laser Run event in Gori. It gets more popular, more competitive and more fun for young athletes. I'm glad that Gori is part of these memorable events.”

Young participant Ilia Tchavtchavadze added: “It is the third year that this event has been held in Gori. I am very happy and glad to see so many kids competing together at the Laser Run event. It gives me great motivation.”


April 26

The GLRCT circuit returned to Egypt with an event in Banha City Club Stadium. City Clubs is a network of smart sports, social and entertainment clubs across 15 Egyptian cities that seeks to develop the talents of children in Modern Pentathlon, with the goal of supplying professionals to the national team and achieving championships and medals.

More than 27 clubs from across the country were represented by 320 male and female athletes aged 9-60+.

The competition was filmed and broadcasted live on the National Federation Facebook page, with more than four cameras placed around the stadium and a drone, which led to positive feedback from sponsors and followers who could watch and record every moment.

GLRCT Telsiai (LTU)

April 27

Back in Lithuania, it was Telsiai’s turn to bring together participants from all over the country and beyond (Latvia and Ukraine) to enjoy the unique charm of Laser Run.

A spokesperson for the LOC said: “Children not only had the opportunity to compete but also to enjoy a taste of authentic pilaf, free of charge. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy as participants smiled and cheered throughout the event.

«Congratulations to the winners who walked away with impressive prizes. It was a day filled with sportsmanship, fun, and new experiences for all involved.”


GLRCT Rustavi (GEO)        

April 28

This time it was the turn of the Georgian city of Rustavi to host around 100 young athletes from Sachkhere, Tchiatura, Gori, Rustavi and Tbilisi.

LOC spokesperson Nino Goginashvili said: “I'm glad that the city of Rustavi hosted GLRCT again this year. It’s an honor to hold the Laser Run event in Rustavi, people from Rustavi are always excited for this event. It gets more popular, more competitive and more fun for young athletes. I'm glad that Rustavi is part of these memorable events.”

Young participant Nika Shamanauri added: “I really love this competition. I always participate with my teammates. Laser Run is a very competitive event, it gives us a lot of courage.”

GLRCT Amaravati, India

April 28

India returned to the GLRCT hosting circuit in Amravati, the ninth-largest city in Maharashtra and second-largest in the Vidarbha region in terms of population.

The event was organised by the Modern Pentathlon Association of Maharashtra under the aegis of the Modern Pentathlon Federation of India (MPFI) and UIPM. More than 280 athletes participated.

Organising the event in Amaravati gave an opportunity to promote the Modern Pentathlon in a region where most of the population lives in villages, while UIPM had the opportunity to introduce developing athletes to the sub-sports of Modern Pentathlon.

The event was flagged off by Vijay Santan (Deputy Director, Department of Sports Maharashtra) along with Vitthal Shirgaonkar (Secretary General, MPFI) and Sunil Purnapatre (a former President of MPFI).

Mr Santan thanked the MPFI and UIPM for enabling such a big event to take place in the City of Amaravati, helping people from the region to become associated with Modern Pentathlon and Olympic Sports. Mr Shirgaonkar also thanked to UIPM for sanctioning the event.


OLR Varadero (CUB)

May 5-13

A Pan American Open for U19, U17 and U15 athletes took place in Varadero Beach with participants coming from nine countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Peru and host country Cuba).

A spokesperson for the LOC said: “They were very intense and colourful days, we participated in individual events and also in the Mixed Relay.

“This event not only served to evaluate the performance of the athletes in a new competition format for everyone, taking into account that Obstacle Laser Run racing was held for the first time, it also allowed 25 National Level 1 judges to be evaluated and certified.”


May 12

This event featured 150 participating athletes, in the city centre of Gijon and the beach promenade with a good sports atmosphere and competitive results. Representatives of local authorities noticed that the event was very attractive for the community.

GLRCT Tbilisi (GEO)

May 12

Drawn this time to the capital city of Georgia, 100 young athletes came from Sachkhere, Tchiatura, Gori, Rustavi and the capital itself.

LOC spokesperson Natia Matchavariani said: “Every year we hold a Laser Run in Tbilisi. It is already a tradition for the athletes and also for the spectators, they always look forward to this sports event.

“I am glad that this year the competition was held as usual and like always the athletes showed us their strong performance.”

Young participant Aleksandre Tsiklauri said: “The competition was great, today I won my first gold medal and it was amazing. I love Laser Run and can’t wait for the next competition.”

GLRCT Oviedo (ESP)

May 19

The City Tour in Oviedo attracted around 200 athletes with the event taking place in a significant and historical location - the Plaza de la Losa in the center of Oviedo. It was a colorful event which gathered not only strong youth athletes but also a lot of Masters participants, as seen a week previously in Gijon.

BTNT Tbilisi, Georgia

June 23

One of the world’s leading Biathle-Triathle venues is Georgia, which held a BTNT on the Lisi Lake on International Olympic Day. It has been a tradition to organised events at the venue since 2015 – when Georgia hosted the UIPM Biathle-Triathle World Championships in Batumi and these Pentathlon disciplines became loved by Georgian athletes.

Young athletes from cities of Sachkhere, Tchiatura, Gori, Rustavi and Tbilisi, as well as one female youth from Greece, participated. UIPM Education and Project Manager Anfisa Kasyanova attended the event and underlined the high level of organisation.

The youngest athlete was Ilida Antonopoulou, 7, from Greece, competing in Triathle for the first time. The oldest participant was 74-year-old Zurab Japaridze from Georgia.

Ilida said of her first impressions of a UIPM development tour: “I came to watch competitions and decided to take part. I started with older girls.

“During the race one part of me was afraid and another part was saying ‘Ilida, these girls are in front of you, go Ilida go! This is how I managed to pass some of the older girls. I also made new friends. Now I will focus on Swimming training to go to the Biathle-Triathle World Championships in Egypt on October.”

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