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UIPM implements University Sport strategic plan


Since being welcomed as a member of the FISU family in May 2014, the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) has been actively engaged with FISU regarding its integration into the World University Championships programme.

With 700,000 registered athletes around the world and 113 national member federations, Modern Pentathlon is often considered the most complete sport, and with over 100 years of history, the UIPM has the legitimacy to promote its values and culture, in particular to the younger generations under the motto of “Education through Modern Pentathlon”. This approach matches that of FISU and further highlights the existing proximity and consequent synergy between both organizations.

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With this in mind, the UIPM has drafted a detailed strategic plan, specifically oriented to University Sports, which is currently being implemented in partnership with its member national federations. This plan envisions to actively promote and help implement Modern Pentathlon, and its sub-sport programmes, at universities worldwide, sharing the UIPM’s know-how and technologies with key people on site. Other actions planned include informational material presenting the sport for FISU member associations, and educational material on sport and especially the combined event for interested universities and their students/ athletes.

Continued promotion of the sport within the universities and creation of a database of universities willing and capable of running modern pentathlon or its sub-sports will be tied in with support for these specific programmes and, eventually, even with the organisation of national and international FISU/UIPM events are also envisioned.

Meanwhile, preparations are on course for the inaugural World University Modern Pentathlon Championship in 2018 and with the bidding period currently ongoing, three major university sports and modern pentathlon nations have already shown interest in hosting the 2018 WUC. Part of the development plan set out for the sport includes a trial event, 2015 International University Open, which is currently planned for Mexico in late July.

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