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UIPM Judges Certification Programme: Mark of progress for 25 technical officials in Wuhan (CHN)


Not only is the Olympic Games taking place in Asia in 2020, but UIPM’s two flagship competitions will also be on the continent – and no stone is being left unturned in preparation.

It is essential for competition organisers to have all the tools they need at their disposal to run Category A competitions, and that was the impetus for UIPM to run a Judges Certification Programme (JCP) course in Wuhan (CHN) ahead of the 2019 Asia/Oceania Championships and Olympic Qualifier.

The JCP course was held from November 7 to 12 and included a mixture of theoretical and practical tuition from UIPM Educator Walid Sayed (EGY). Twenty-five judges passed the exam and received their international JCP certificate at Level 2 and 3.

Wuhan (CHN) also staged the World Military Games in late 2019, and China will again host the best pentathletes in the world in May 2020 when Xiamen is the venue for the UIPM 2020 Pentathlon and Laser Run World Championships. This competition will take place just weeks after the UIPM 2020 Pentathlon World Cup Final in Seoul (KOR).

A spokesperson for the Chinese Modern Pentathlon Association said: “By scheduling the course alongside the Asian Championships, the technical officials were enabled to personally judge the international competition on site. This provided them with high-level event practice, which is of great help to improve the officials’ on-site judging ability.

“The JCP course helped more people get a deeper understanding of the Modern Pentathlon rules, and the promotion of different levels enabled them to take on more advanced referee work. The increase in the number of international referees has resulted in a sufficient number of referees to guarantee the normal operation of domestic and international competitions.”

“In the long run, the improvement of officials’ skill levels raises the quality of competitions and promotes fairness and justice. More international events in China will encourage more people to enjoy and participate in the Modern Pentathlon.”

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