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UIPM Judges Certification Programme: New wave of graduates at Mediterranean Beach Games in Heraklion (GRE)


With a little piece of history made on the Greek island of Crete this month when UIPM Sports made its Mediterranean Beach Games debut, the future came into focus too. 

Twenty new students took their first steps on the judging journey as they took part in a successful week-long UIPM Judges Certification Programme course which coincided with the competition taking place in Heraklion (GRE).

Heraklion 2023 was the third edition of the Mediterranean Beach Games with Triathle, a sport particularly well suited to multi-sport events that take place on sand, included for the first time. 

Across four days in the run-up to the opening Triathle competition, 20 students from the host nation and two more from Portugal were introduced to the art of judging and honed their skills under the expert eye of UIPM Educator Rui Lucena (POR). 

The course ran from September 6-9 with an impressive 13 women and nine men earning a Level 1 certification which enabled them to help oversee the Triathle events, which included two enthralling Individual Finals and a Mixed Relay. 

Rui Lucena, who is also Executive Director of the Portuguese Modern Pentathlon Federation, said: “A very gender-balanced group of diverse ages came together and, despite it being their first contact with Triathle, they all responded very well to the course, always with a huge motivation to learn and to be able to carry out their duties at the Mediterranean Beach Games Heraklion 2023. It was a great experience to be an educator for this fantastic group.”

UIPM Executive Board Member for Sport and UIPM Technical Committee Chair, Janusz Peciak OLY, said: “The UIPM Judges Certification Programmes occupies an absolutely crucial role in the development and growth of our sports. I am always so pleased to hear reports of another successful course. 

“The course in Heraklion (GRE) is particularly positive because it focused on Triathle which with its exciting mix of running, swimming and shooting has proven to be a key growth sport for UIPM. I thank Rui Lucena, our dedicated instructor and congratulate all of our new judges.”

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