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UIPM Level 3 CCP course delivered in Spanish to 16 coaches


One of the most attractive features of the UIPM Coaches Certification Programme (CCP) is the opportunity for coaches to study in their own language.

From May 5-8, 16 coaches from seven Spanish-speaking countries attended a four-day online course coordinated by UIPM Level 4 coach Pedro Perez (ESP).

This was the first time the Level 3 course had been delivered in Spanish, with the English version set to follow online in June following previous editions in Hungary in 2017 and Portugal in 2019.

Courses at Level 3 and 4 are generally aimed at a global rather than regional or national intake.

The coaches who attended in pursuit of their Level 3 certificates came from Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Venezuela.

The opening lecture was given by UIPM Level 4 coach Jan Bartu (GBR), who spoke about the role of the coach, and UIPM Technical Committee Member Agnes Kulcsar (HUN) led a session on the importance of rules knowledge for coaches.

An expert health and sport psychologist, Haja Gerewu Grino, delivered a webinar on athlete mental health.

Like all CCP courses, coaches will earn their Level 3 qualification when they conclude the syllabus by completing e-learning courses covering anti-doping and harassment prevention.

UIPM Coaches Committee Chairman Christian Roudaut said: “This was a very successful Level 3 course with lectures delivered by Modern Pentathlon experts and presenters from different countries who are expert in sports management, anti-doping, psychology, physiology, physiotherapy, and strength and conditioning.

“I would like to thank Pedro and all the professionals who delivered sessions, especially those coming from the Sant Cugat High Perfomance Centre in Spain.

“I’m particularly pleased that the course was delivered to coaches in their native tongue. We are proud to have delivered CCP courses at various levels in English, Spanish, Russian, French and Arabic.”

For more information on the CCP please visit the UIPM Educational Platform.

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