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UIPM official statement

UIPM acknowledges the receipt today of documents from a legal firm under the subject title ‘UIPM leadership challenger – post-press conference’.

Having studied the documents, UIPM would like to clarify the following:

  • We note that the aforementioned proposals are representative of a deep passion for the sport of Modern Pentathlon.
  • UIPM is a democratic membership organisation and the will of its National Federation members will be fully respected at the upcoming UIPM 2022 Congress.
  • UIPM remains totally committed to the single priority of preserving the future of Modern Pentathlon within the Olympic Games.

To live up to this pledge, we will not be distracted by political manoeuvres but will remain focused on delivering on the mandate provided by UIPM 2021 Congress to assess options for the integration of a new Modern Pentathlon discipline that can transform the accessibility, appeal and popularity of the sport.

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