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UIPM Para-Sport: how you can become a classifier

Para Pentathlon

UIPM joined the International Paralympic Committee in 2014 and today a new appeal is launched to give people the opportunity to join the UIPM Para-Sport movement.

With each year UIPM is taking steps to give more sporting opportunities to disabled athletes worldwide, and the 2018 season will see the introduction of Para-LaserRun.

The next stage of the programme is to find and recruit official classifiers who can support UIPM Para-Sport, and the application process is open.

So what is a classifier? Here are some of the required criteria:

·       Some knowledge of UIPM Sports (and/or Para-Sport)

·       A professional qualification in medicine or physiotherapy

·       An interest in the Para-Sport movement

All training and certification will be provided by UIPM. During classification events, classifiers will receive professional expenses including per diem payments and travel insurance.

To apply, recommend someone or for more information, contact

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