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UIPM Para Sports: Afghanistan establishes para training programme

Para Pentathlon

The exciting development of UIPM Sports in Afghanistan has continued with the establishment of a UIPM Para Sports programme in the war-torn country.

On November 11, 2020, the Afghanistan Paralympic Committee and Afghanistan Modern Pentathlon Federation launched a training programme for the newly-formed UIPM para team – making the AMPF one of the first sports federations in the country to officially support para athletes.

AMPF President Khushal Sarwari said: "Para athletes are an important part of our sport community in Afghanistan and today we open a new chapter for our federation, which we are proud of."

Kabir Khsobeen, the Paralympic media manager said: "We are happy that with the mutual cooperation of the Paralympic Committee and Afghanistan Modern Pentathlon Federation we start the UIPM para team and we are hopeful for this outstanding achievements in national and international levels."

Yazdan Parast, one of the athletes on the UIPM Para Sports team, said: "I am really happy today to be part of this sport and it is amazing. This is anther way for us to tell the story of disability in a different way in Afghanistan and the world. Thanks for modern pentathlon."

Kabul, the capital, will become the first city in Afghanisatn to host a Para Laser Run competition in December 2020.

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