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UIPM Para Sports Spotlight: Oviedo (ESP) hosts historic first European Invitational Para Laser Run event

Para Pentathlon

The northern Spanish city of Oviedo was the scene of a historic first when a ground-breaking new initiative for European para-athletes proved a huge success. 

The inaugural European Invitational Para Laser Run, a training and time-trial event, offered para athletes from Spain and across the continent the opportunity to explore Para Pentathlon and in particular the fast-paced sport of Para Laser Run. 

Twenty-two athletes, with a wide range of abilities and ages, engaged with the training day which focused on drills, skills practice and team building on and off the range in the exciting two-discipline sport of Para Laser Run. 

The time trial involved 60 athletes and was run as an integrated approach with both para and age-group athletes in attendance taking part in a Laser Run competition. There was also an opportunity for para athletes to go through the newly launched UIPM Classification, which offers seven distinct classes.

Guest speaker Paul Montiel, aka the Titanium Man, opened the weekend’s events and feedback from athletes taking part was hugely positive with many toasting a weekend of “sunshine, new friendships and discovering a new passion” and the opening of “a new door to a new world”.

The initiative was driven by the Para Pent Project, funded by Liverpool’s John Moores University in Great Britain with support from the UIPM Para Pentathlon Commission and Pentathlon GB.  

There was also invaluable support from Spanish pentathlon coach Ruth Gomez and the local Oviedo Council. The shooting range and equipment was provided by Pentashot.

Project Director Dr Nicola Robinson of Liverpool John Moores University (GBR) said: “This has been a really important part of the movement to stimulate athlete, coaches and non-para athlete awareness of this exciting emerging sport.

“This is now the start of a new era for Para Pentathlon, not just in Spain but also around building a European Para Pentathlon Community.”

For further information about the UIPM Para Pentathlon movement please contact Radka Zapletalova on or Dr Nic Robinson



First edition of new UIPM Classifier Education Training Course takes place in Oviedo (ESP)


The first delivery of the new UIPM Classifier Education Training Course was recently held over three days in Spain, coinciding with the staging of the inaugural European Invitational Para Laser Run event. 

The course, designed with an aim to foster a vibrant classifier community, connecting potential classifiers and enabling them to learn more about Para Pentathlon, add to their skill set with the opportunity to classify athletes onsite, ran from May 31 to June 2 in Oviedo (ESP).

This training involved new classifiers from Spain, Italy and Great Britain and was facilitated by UIPM Head of Classification Dr Roberto Nahon with co-support from Dr Nic Robinson from the Para Pent Project, provided by Liverpool John Moores University (GBR).

The course offered essential upskilling opportunities and allow classifiers to work with national federations to support the Para Pentathlon movement and provide classification opportunities at international UIPM para sport events.

The framework of the immersive education programme started with opening-day lectures on Modern Pentathlon as a sport, the para movement, and an integration workshop of athlete case studies exploring both the physical assessments and the classification process.

On the second day the trainee team of classifiers, under the observation of Dr Nahon, assessed 10 new para athletes with the third day allowing classifiers to view these athletes under a formal competition environment. History was made by the confirmation of the first two classified Spanish Para Pentathlon athletes. 

The year 2024 is shaping up to be hugely significant in the Para Pentathlon movement. With a more inclusive pathway into the exciting sport fuelling global growth, this summer's European Para Laser Run Championships will precede a three-sport UIPM Para World Championships, a special highlight of the UIPM 2024 Biathle-Triathle World Championships in Port Said (EGY) from October 10-13.

Future in-person UIPM Classifier Educational courses are in the works as well as an additional free resource around Para Pentathlon available through the UIPM Educational platform.

UIPM Head of Classification Dr Roberto Nahon said: “What an inspiring and educational three days we have had in Oviedo.

“Within the UIPM Para Pentathlon Commission we have worked hard on groundwork foundations to develop the content and deliver this course, which is essential in the growth of our movement. Teaching and learning with all the participants during the workshop was a real highlight. 

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to co-deliver the event alongside Dr Nic Robinson at Liverpool John Moores University.”

Dr Robinson said: “This is an important milestone in the launch of the new classification system within Para Pentathlon to grow the workforce across Europe and beyond.

“We feel confident in the process of justification of classes and making sure we care for the athletes during every step of the process. I look forward to continued growth and progress across all areas of Para Pentathlon.”

For further information around becoming a potential Technical or Medical Classifier for your national federation, or to talk about the movement of Para Pentathlon, please contact Radka Zapletalova on email

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