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UIPM President announcement

  • Dr Klaus Schormann will not seek re-election at UIPM 2024 Congress
  • Decision marks end of an era defined by innovation and modernisation
  • Tributes paid to ‘extraordinary legacy’ of outgoing President

Dr Klaus Schormann announces today that he will not seek re-election as President of the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne at the 73rd UIPM Congress in November 2024.

Dr Schormann, 77, intends to bring his Presidential tenure to a close at the end of this year having served at the helm of the global Modern Pentathlon movement since July 1993. He will leave, in the words of 1st Vice President Juan Antonio Samaranch, “an extraordinary legacy”.

Innovation and modernisation have been cornerstones of Dr Schormann’s Presidency, starting with the UIPM 1993 Modern Pentathlon World Championships in Darmstadt (GER) where a one-day format was adopted for the first time and fire pistols were used in Shooting for the last time.

Since then, Modern Pentathlon has evolved with a series of forward-thinking reforms driven by President Schormann, culminating in the decision of the 141st International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in October 2023 to approve the revitalised sport for the programme of the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games.

At Paris 2024, Dr Schormann will oversee his eighth Olympic Pentathlon as UIPM President, bringing the Riding era to a close before the sport embraces a new future with Obstacle integrated with Fencing, Swimming and Laser Run (shooting/running).

Today’s announcement paves the way for the UIPM community to elect its seventh President at UIPM 2024 Congress in Riyadh (KSA) on November 16-17, 2024. However, having served the movement as a senior administrator since 1972, Dr Schormann does not intend to end his involvement in Modern Pentathlon.

UIPM President’s statement

Dr Klaus Schormann, UIPM President, said: “It has been the privilege of my life to serve UIPM as President. I do my best every day to preserve the wonderful legacy of Modern Pentathlon’s founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, and I will continue to hold this responsibility until December 2024, always keeping in mind the need for our multi-sport to be modern and relevant to new generations as a pillar of the Olympic Movement.

“Modern Pentathlon is a sport defined by heritage and innovation, with strong values of respect, education and fair play. Our athletes are role models of athleticism, courage and versatility. Overseeing this movement is our Union, a noble society that has grown into a global community with more than 130 member nations and new opportunities to explore with the ongoing integration of World Obstacle.

“I am extremely proud of what we have achieved by all working together. The world will see a wonderful show in Paris this summer, and four years later in Los Angeles it will be even better.

“In the interests of good governance, the time is approaching for me to pass the mantle to a new President, to whom I will offer my guidance and advice in an appropriate capacity. I have built my life around this role and I will have a lot to offer to UIPM as we move into an exciting new era.

“There are many people I would like to thank, and there will be time for reflection in due course. For now, a busy 2024 continues! There are many exciting possibilities in front of us as we savour the glory of our beloved sport appearing on the ultimate stage, powered by the Olympic values – Faster, Stronger, Higher… Together.”


UIPM Executive Board statements

Juan Antonio Samaranch, UIPM 1st Vice President and Vice President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), led the tributes to President Dr Schormann, saying: “Klaus Schormann will leave an extraordinary legacy when he retires as UIPM President at the end of this year. Modern Pentathlon has a very exciting opportunity to explore new horizons and much of that is down to the man who has steered the ship for 31 years, overseeing a remarkable sequence of positive reforms.

“I can’t think of anybody in the Olympic Movement who works so hard on behalf of their sport. But Klaus is much more than a hard worker – he is an intelligent strategist, an open-minded innovator and a statesmanlike leader.

“It has been a great pleasure to serve alongside Klaus in the Executive Board of UIPM for almost three decades. His successor as President will have a very hard act to follow, but he has given them a strong platform with the sport poised to begin an exciting new era of growth.”

Janusz Peciak OLY, UIPM Executive Board Member for Sport and Montreal 1976 Olympic champion, said: “My acquaintance with Klaus Schormann dates back to the late 1960s. Even then he became known as a very friendly, caring, good person, with great charisma and a sense of humour.

“I know him as a man who never gives up and always reaches his goal. It was thanks to his determination, political sense, great knowledge and professionalism that he saved the Modern Pentathlon from trouble several times.

“He was and he is our sailor, who always knew how to reach his destination. This has been the case in Barcelona, Atlanta, Athens, Sydney, Beijing  and after, also now ahead of the 2028 Los Angeles Games.

“We were and we still are very lucky to have a man like him around us.

“Also, as a human being, President Klaus Schormann is able to find time for everyone, to listen and advise, no matter whether he is around a professional employee or a Prince or a President. He has space for everyone and treats them equally. He has a great quality of optimism, he always finishes the job and – importantly – in a successful way.

“We need a person like him to be a supporter and adviser because no one in the Modern Pentathlon family has as much experience and knowledge of our sport and political skills to help us remain in the Olympic programme.”

Yasser Hefny OLY, Chair of the UIPM Athletes Committee, said: “In my role with the Athletes Committee, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Klaus. I have always viewed him as a strong Union president who could lead his team to develop our sport to its fullest potential.

“He has managed to maintain our presence in the Olympic programme through his professional work and a solid network of relationships in the sports community. All of this was evident from the outside, but I came to respect him even more after becoming Chair of the AC and joining the Executive Board.

“During my term, he has never hesitated to support the athletes and always put them at the heart of decision-making. I have learned a lot from him and looked up to him as a person with a big, compassionate heart, and as a strong, influential leader.”


A lifelong contribution to Olympic sport

1946: Born in Goettingen, Germany

1951: Started practising sport (fencing and gymnastics)

1959-1963: Youth leader for gymnastics, TSG Uslar 1863 sports club (elected at age 13)

1963-1974: Modern Pentathlon athlete at national and international level

1968-1976: Executive Board Member for Sport, Modern Pentathlon Federation of Hesse region (HVMF)

1976-: President, HVMF

1972: Deputy Competition Manager for Modern Pentathlon at Munich 1972 Olympic Games

1972-1983: Executive Board Member for Youth and Juniors, German Modern Pentathlon Federation (DVMF)

1984-2014: President, DVMF

1984-1988: Information Committee Member, Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne et Biathlon (UIPMB)

1984-: Member, TV-34 Council

1988: Council Member, UIPMB

1988-1993: Vice President Marketing Publication, UIPMB

1993-2024: President, Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM)

1994-1996: President, UIPMB

1994-: Member, IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Heritage (previously known as Commission for Culture; Commission for Culture and Olympic Education).

2005: Awarded Honorary Doctorate in Sport Science by Johannes Gutenburg University Mainz

2007-2010: Chairman, IOC Sub Commission for 1st Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010

2007-2024: Executive Board Member, German Olympic Academy

2012: Awarded Olympic Order in Silver by IOC President Jacques Rogge

2012: Contributed to Coubertin’s Postulate on the Unity of Sport and Art and the resonance of this with Olympic Tourists in Sydney – Consequences for an Olympic application in 2012 (Prof Dr Manfred Messinger & Prof Dr Norbert Mueller)

2018: Inaugurated to UIPM Hall of Fame

2018: Awarded Golden Cross of Merit 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany

2019: Received Award for Life Achievement from the Australian Olympic Committee

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