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UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann joins celebrations of Coubertin legacy on Olympic Day


UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann was one of many distinguished guests in Paris (FRA) at a series of commemorative events celebrating the legacy of Baron Pierre de Coubertin on Olympic Day, 23 June 2024.

President Dr Schormann was invited by the Coubertin family, along with fellow global sporting leaders such as IOC President Dr Thomas Bach, French Olympic Committee President David Lappartient and fellow IOC Members, and Paris 2024 Olympic Games Organising Committee President Tony Estanguet.

Coubertin created Modern Pentathlon and introduced it to the world during the Olympic Games Stockholm 1912 – to this day it remains the only sport conceived especially for the Olympic Games. UIPM plays an important role in the preservation of the Coubertin legacy, upholding his founding values as guardian of the Pentathlon movement. Alexandra de Navacelle de Coubertin, a family descendant who is President of the Pierre de Coubertin Family Association (AFPC), has sat on the UIPM Pierre de Coubertin Commission since it was created in 1993.

The Baron is also credited with being the driving force behind the modern resurrection of the Olympic movement.

The revival of the Games was announced during the first Olympic Congress in 1894, which took place in the Sorbonne University in Paris (FRA). This is where guests assembled on Sunday to mark the 130th anniversary of this historic moment, and where IOC President Dr Bach paid a lavish tribute to the visionary Coubertin and urged his critics to judge him in the context of his time.

Earlier, the IOC President inaugurated a new exhibition, entitled ‘Coubertin, Genius of Sport’, curated by renowned Coubertin historian George Hirthler, with President Dr Schormann also in attendance.

UIPM President Dr Schormann commented: “I was delighted to accept an invitation from Alexandra de Navacelle de Coubertin and her whole family to represent UIPM at all ceremonies celebrating the vision and legacy of Baron Pierre de Coubertin last weekend.

“The highlight was the 130th anniversary celebration of the 1st Olympic Congress in the Sorbonne, and the special role played by Coubertin in this historic moment.

“We know that Coubertin cared passionately about the heritage of the ancient Pentathlon, which was born in 708 BC in Olympia, and he therefore created the Modern Pentathlon as a multi-sport for the Olympic programme starting in 1912 in Stockholm.

“He is the only IOC President who created a sport for the Olympic Movement. I was delighted in my role as President of our Union to join all ceremonies, which provided opportunities to underline the philosophy of UIPM in taking care of the legacy and heritage of Baron Pierre de Coubertin.”

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