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UIPM President Schormann meets Bulgaria Olympic Committee President Kostadinova ahead of 100th anniversary

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UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann and Secretary General Shiny Fang met with Stefka Kostadinova, President of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, during their attendance at UIPM 2023 Pentathlon World Cup Sofia.

The BOC will celebrate its 100th anniversary this week, with IOC President Dr Thomas Bach among the dignitaries due to attend the celebrations. President Dr Schormann congratulated President Kostadinova and conveyed gratitude to the Bulgarian Olympic movement for its support of UIPM Sports over the years.

President Kostadinova, the Atlanta 1996 Olympic high jump champion, underlined her strong support for Modern Pentathlon during the discussion, which followed a one-hour meeting held between UIPM leadership and the Bulgaria State President, Rumen Radev, together with Minister for Youth and Sport Vesela Lecheva, earlier in the week.

The meeting with President Kostadinova was also attended by Bulgaria Modern Pentathlon Federation (BMPF) President Kameliya Aleksandrova, as well as the former Sports Minister and BMPF President Andrey Kuzmanov, and UIPM Executive Assistant Lena Nussbaumer.

President Dr Schormann said: “We had a very important meeting with President Kostadinova, discussing the current landscape of sport in Bulgaria and how important it is to build up the youth as a solid base for the future of all sports.

“President Kostadinova praised the strength of the Bulgarian Modern Pentathlon Federation and we had the opportunity to explain the changes taking place in our sport in relation to the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games. The integration of Obstacle promises to transform the popularity of Modern Pentathlon and benefit the whole Olympic movement by following the IOC’s vision for a more accessible, cost-efficient and exciting Olympic Games.

“The NOC President was very excited to hear about UIPM’s plans to reshape its Olympic sport and she spoke very strongly in favour of the change, which gives new generations of athletes from countries all over the world to take part and pursue the dream of becoming Olympians.”

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