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04.-05.11.2019, Darmstadt, GER

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann hosted a two-day meeting of the ad hoc working group preparing the 2nd edition of the book Modern Pentathlon - From the Past to the Future in the UIPM President’s Office. 

They checked documents and discussed new ideas and stories for the 2nd edition, which will be presented in November 2020 at the 71st UIPM Congress In Xiamen (CHN).

The UIPM President was joined at the meeting by Alain Lunzenfichter (Member of the UIPM Culture & Education Commission), Prof Dr. Norbert Müller (Member of the UIPM Pierre de Coubertin Commission) and the UIPM Executive Board Member for Marketing, Martin Dawe.


06.11.2019, Frankfurt-am-Main, GER 

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann met the CEO of x-bionic sphere, Richard Ungerhofer, to discuss future partnerships relating to x-bionic sphere, a multi-sport complex close to Bratislava (SVK). 

They were joined by Volker Senßfelder, who works as a Financial Consultant to UIPM, and the meeting took place at the UIPM 2016 Congress venue, the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt-am-Main (GER). 


01.-08.12.2019, Manilla, PHI

President Dr Schormann visited the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, which included UIPM Sports (Triathle and Laser Run) on the programme for the first time. 

In Manilla he met with the President of the Fencing Confederation of Asia, Dr Celso L Dayrit, and Richard Gomez, who is President of the Philippine Fencing Association as well as the Philippine Modern Pentathlon Association.

Dr Schormann also met with other Fencing Presidents from Southeast Asia and shared ideas for close cooperation between Fencing and Modern Pentathlon relating to the development of both historical Olympic sports.

During his stay in Subic Bay, where the UIPM competitions were staged, the UIPM President took the opportunity to brief all five National Federation Presidents of the participating countries. 

Cassandra Choh (SGP), Apiwat Srivardhana (THA), Peggy Lim (MAS), Anthony Charles Sunarjo (INA) and Richard Gomez (PHI) were briefed on sport-political developments and actions from 2019 and updated on important steps in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

They also discussed the necessary steps for the inclusion of UIPM Sports in the next SEA Games, which will be hosted in Vietnam in 2021.

All the Presidents were very happy when President Dr. Schormann informed them that the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee had increased the quota for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games in Dakar (SEN) from 48 to 64 athletes.

On December 7, before the Triathle Mixed Relay, President Dr Schormann joined President Gomez and Atty Wilma T Eisma, Chairperson & Administrator of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, in a tree-planting ceremony.

They planted eight trees in memory of the first participation of athletes from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia at the 30th SEA Games under the motto ‘We Win As One’.

Together with UIPM Technical Committee Member Bernhard Petruschinski, who works as a coordinator in the region, and UIPM Development Manager Maxime Papillon, President Dr Schormann visited the Clark Museum, which presents the history of the Philippines and the special history and development of New Clark City, which hosted a lot of different sports during the Games.


11.-13.12.2019, Monte Carlo, MON

UIPM President Dr. Klaus Schormann attended the 10th Peace and Sport International Forum, where he was able to speak with delegates about the actions of this important movement under the Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, UIPM’s Honorary President and IOC Member.

The UIPM President’s visit on December 12 served to underline the commitment of UIPM to future projects aligning the two organisations, based on a Memorandum of Understanding signed in the past.

President Schormann and the UIPM Treasurer, John Helmick, also attended the Peace and Sport Awards and reception, where they met with Peace and Sport President and Founder Joel Bouzou (UIPM Vice President) and HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

During his three-day visit to the Principality, the UIPM President also spent time at UIPM Headquarters, where he met with Treasurer John Helmick and Secretary General Shiny Fang to discuss the financial position of UIPM at the end of season 2019 and strategy for the upcoming Olympic season 2020.

They also agreed in principle investments in development actions for the continental confederations. The final decisions will be made during the UIPM Executive Board Meeting in Lausanne (SUI) on January 30/31, 2020.

President Schormann and Secretary General Fang discussed with UIPM staff members the main steps for the Olympic year 2020 and briefed them about priorities like the New Tetrathlon format agreed for the Youth Olympic Games Dakar 2022 and the New Pentathlon format proposed for the Olympic Games Paris 2024. The ad hoc working groups will discuss both in detail during meetings in Frankfurt-am-Main (GER) on January 24-26, 2020.



20.-21.12.2019, Frankfurt-am-Main, GER  

The UIPM President visited the International Indoor Equestrian Festival, organized by the former Olympic Champions Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff and Paul Schockemoehle. 

President Dr Schormann met with international representatives of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), politicians and members of the business society to share issues relating to the growing equestrian movement around the world, which is beneficial to Modern Pentathlon.


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