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UIPM President's Activities: April 2021

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07.04.2021: Darmstadt, GER 


Prior to UIPM Pentathlon World Cup Sofia (I), UIPM Secretary General Shiny Fang visited the UIPM President’s Office to discuss various matters relating to the future with UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann.  

Dr Schormann invited Mrs Fang to discuss the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and important steps in preparation, how UIPM can continue to handle the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic in future competitions and how UIPM will approach the remaining three years of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games cycle.  

This was a very important meeting for the future of UIPM and internal working processes between UIPM Headquarters and the President’s Office, which are now streamlined for the coming years.  

12.04.2021: Monaco, MON  


UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann and Secretary General Shiny Fang met HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, the UIPM Honorary President, within the Prince’s Palace of Monaco.  

They discussed matters of international sporting politics, gender equality and the environment, the UIPM movement within the IOC, preparations for Tokyo 2020, steps linked to Paris 2024 and the electoral UIPM Congress, which is scheduled to take place in November 2021.  

The vaccination of athletes and officials as a means of managing the pandemic through upcoming UIPM competitions and the Olympic Games was also discussed.  

The strong relationship between UIPM and the Government of Monaco will continue to be a helpful pillar in the coming years.  


14.04.2021-19.04.2021: Sofia, BUL 


President Dr Schormann attended UIPM Pentathlon World Cup Sofia (II), which took place in very difficult weather conditions. Thanks to the excellent preparation and organisation of the Bulgaria Modern Pentathlon Federation (BMPF) an excellent presentation of Modern Pentathlon was achieved.  

During the competition the UIPM President had meetings about a Modern Pentathlon Centre within the Sport University in Sofia (BUL) and discussed future international competitions in Bulgaria with BMPF President Andrey Kuzmanov and Secretary General Kameliya Aleksandrova.  

Left to right: Pentathlon World Cup Sofia (II) medal ceremony VIPs Dr Klaus Schormann, Janusz Peciak OLY and Andrey Kuzmanov, President of the Bulgarian Modern Pentathlon Federation (BMPF)


The UIPM President with BMPF Secretary General Kameliya Aleksandrova, BMPF President Andrey Kuzmanov and all competition volunteers in Sofia (BUL)


Dr Schormann shares a laugh with Janusz Peciak OLY during a planning meeting and (right) meets with BMPF President Andrey Kuzmanov and sponsors Georgi Kalchev (General Manager, GTA Petroleum Bulgaria) and Milen Christov (Member of Management Board, Avto Union jsc. Bulgaria)


The UIPM President gives a media interview in Sofia (BUL)


20.04.2021: Wiesbaden, GER 


UIPM President Dr Schormann met with Dr Heinz-Georg Sundermann, CEO of LOTTO Hessen GmbH, to discuss national and international sport activities during the pandemic. 

The main points discussed were income generation through sponsorship and government, ongoing business partnerships for national and international sport federations and clubs.  

The UIPM President  meets with Dr Heinz-Georg Sundermann, CEO of Lotto Hessen, in Wiesbaden (GER)


21.04.2021-26.04.2021: Budapest, HUN  


President Dr Schormann attended the third and final test event for the new Modern Pentathlon format, designed for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, to gain a perspective of how the athletes perform in this new format.  

The feedback given by all athletes and coaches in Budapest (HUN) was nearly 100% positive and the new format is an important step for the future of Modern Pentathlon, which will enable viewers and spectators to see all five disciplines in 90 minutes. The format is also more attractive for athletes. 

During the competition Dr Schormann had several constructive meetings with Dr Gyula Bretz, President of the Hungarian Modern Pentathlon Association (HMPA) and Dr Krisztian Kulcsar, President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.   

On April 22 Dr Schormann had a video conference with the President of Bavarian Modern Pentathlon, Olaf Kleidon. They discussed the COVID-19 situation in Germany and how this could affect the UIPM Biathle/Triathle World Championships in Weiden (GER) in August 2021. They also spoke about the 50th anniversary of the Munich 1972 Olympic Games, coming up in 2022.  

On April 25 Dr Schormann invited officials and UIPM staff to a social lunch to discuss organizational aspects of the competitions, to reflect on the successful test event and to discuss the future of the Olympic Movement with President Dr Kulcsar.  

Also present were Dr Gyula Bretz and Zsofi Csaszari (Head of Operations, HMPA), Anna Bajan (President, Polish Modern Pentathlon Federation), UIPM Executive Board Members Janusz Peciak (Member for Sport) and Christian Roudaut (Chair, Coaches Committee), Corine Bouzou (UIPM Technical Committee Member), Agnes Kulcsar (Technical Delegate), Alexandre Franca (UIPM Operations Director), Florent Boas (UIPM Media Operations Manager), Tamer Samy (UIPM IT Manager), Tamas Varga (UIPM Competitions Manager) and Lena Nussbaumer (Executive Assistant to the UIPM President).

President Dr Schormann and President Dr Bretz with UIPM EB Member for Sport Janusz Peciak OLY


29.04.2021: Darmstadt, GER 

Two representatives of Source for Alpha AG, a financial services organisation, visited the UIPM President to discuss the global market outlook as a result of COVID-19.  

Managing Partner Dr Christian Funke and Director Volker Senssfelder (UIPM Financial Consultant) presented their financial structures and discussed future possibilities for financial management.  

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann in a video conference with Olaf Kleidon (President of Bavarian Modern Pentathlon) and meets in his office in Darmstadt (GER) with Dr Christian Funke and Volker Senssfelder of Source for Alpha AG

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