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UIPM President's Activities: December 2020

UIPM Family

07.12.2020: IOC Executive Board

The UIPM President, Dr Klaus Schormann, had various telephone and video meetings with members of the UIPM Family on the day the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided the final programme for the Olympic Summer Games Paris 2024.

The IOC EB meeting was followed by a press conference given by the IOC President Dr Thomas Bach. UIPM also received positive communication from the IOC about the suitability of the new Modern Pentathlon format proposed for Paris 2024.

President Dr Schormann wrote to National Federations to add context and explain the outcome and made a statement in the official UIPM press release. He said: “We are proud of the dynamic changes made to the Modern Pentathlon in recent decades and we are very pleased that the IOC Executive Board has recognised our commitment to innovation by approving this ambitious vision for Paris 2024.

“We appreciate that all International Federations have been unsuccessful in their applications for additional medal events for Paris 2024. This setback only sharpens our resolve to continue innovating and reshaping Modern Pentathlon for future generations."

IOC President Dr Thomas Bach addresses the media following the IOC Executive Board meeting on December 7

08.12.2020: Task Force Germany

Dr Schormann took part in a symposium between members of the German Task Force for Major Sporting Events - a group of experts from the Interior Ministry and German Olympic Sports Federations.

They discussed presentations for new international events, covering strategies, stakeholders, solid economy, international competence, sustainability, marketing, promotion, sport enthusiasm, hospitality, fair play and tolerance.


UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann during the German Task Force for Major Sporting Events meeting

10.12.2020: EB Meeting German Olympic Academy

In his capacity as Executive Board Member, Dr Schormann attended the German Olympic Academy EB Meeting and General Assembly, which heard reports of activities affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic throughout 2020.

The Olympic Day in a digital format was a big success. All educational sessions linked to Olympism to the youth camp in Tokyo 2020 (now taking place in 2021) and the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 were arranged via video with high participation. Virtual competitions similar to UIPM activities in 2020 were discussed as new projects.


10.12.2020: Meeting with TV34

The UIPM President and his fellow members of the German TV34 Television Council – colleagues and sport directors of TV networks ARD and ZDF and the Sport-A agency – presented the financial situation and distribution of money to the 34 German sport federations for 2020 and 2021 based on the 2020 competition calendar.

Acknowledging that many competitions could not take place because of the pandemic, a clear strategy for 2021 was discussed, with the strong hope that the rescheduled Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will take place in 2021.

UIPM President Dr Schormann participates in the DOA and (below) TV34 Council meetings

18.12.2020: Meeting with Volker Senssfelder

President Dr Schormann welcomed UIPM Financial Consultant, Volker Senssfelder, to the President’s Office in Darmstadt (GER) to discuss financial matters relating to the global business situation based on the pandemic in 2020 and the coming year 2021.

Depending on the possibilities of successful vaccines around the world, international business will be stabilised and provides UIPM with new challenges.

President Dr Schormann welcomes UIPM Financial Consultant Volker Senssfelder to the UIPM Presidential office in Darmstadt (GER)


21.12.2020: New Modern Pentathlon Format Task Force

President Dr Schormann took part in the first meeting of the New Modern Pentathlon Format Task Force, established to finalise the format for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The main changes are the competition order, the number of athletes, duration and schedule and breaks between each discipline, and the task force discussed the main points during this kick-off meeting.

The task force will meet again in February 2021 to finalize plans for test events which could happen as early as March or April, with dates and venues to be confirmed in the coming months. The first meeting was very successful and gave members an overview about the new direction. 

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann and Executive Assistant Lena Nussbaumer working together in the Presidential office in Darmstadt (GER)


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