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UIPM President’s Activities: March/April 2022

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02.03.2022: TV Commission Meeting

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann opened a meeting of the UIPM TV Commission and welcomed UIPM 1st Vice President Juan Antonio Samaranch as Chairman.

During the online meeting, Mr Samaranch discussed together with Commission Members steps and duties of this group for the future and the strategy that must be established.

03.03.2022: Commission for Culture & Education

Members of the UIPM Commission for Culture & Education discussed how they want to establish a system that will be useful for athletes especially at junior and youth level in competitions.

They came up with various topics that could be enlarged through an e-learning system. Here the Commission sees the possibility to connect the culture and heritage of Modern Pentathlon with the modern era.

The goal of this Commission is to give young people a greater insight into the cultures and history of Modern Pentathlon. The European Games 2023 in Krakow (POL) could be a great platform for exhibitions, as one of the most important historical places in Europe. The Commission discussed using this event for promotion of the heritage of Pierre de Coubertin and exhibiting the evolution of Modern Pentathlon.

09.03.2022: German Olympic Academy

During the online meeting of the German Olympic Academy (GOA) Executive Board, the UIPM President highlighted the need for the GOA to have independence and closer links to the German Olympic Sports Confederation. Close cooperation between the European Olympic Academy and International Olympic Academy in Olympia (GRE) has resulted in greater awareness of the goals of the Olympic Movement.


15.03.2022: Pierre de Coubertin Meeting

The UIPM Pierre de Coubertin Commission met to take care of the Pierre de Coubertin legacy, which is directly connected to Modern Pentathlon.

Coubertin family member Alexandra de Navacelle invited the Commission to visit the home of Coubertin in France for a deeper look into his life and better understanding of his way of thinking. A trip to Paris and Normandy is scheduled for September 2022.


15.03.2022: Business Affairs Committee Meeting

President Dr Schormann briefed the Members of the UIPM Business Affairs Committee (BAC) on matters relating to sporting politics and business relevant to UIPM.

UIPM Vice President Viacheslav Aminov chaired the meeting and led discussions covering branding, promotion and general marketing issues.

16.03.2022: Munich, GER

Dr Schormann arranged a meeting with the German Patron of Modern Pentathlon, HRH Prince Leopold of Bavaria, to discuss the 50th anniversary of women in Modern Pentathlon. The anniversary will be celebrated in August 2022 in Munich.

During the Olympic Summer Games Munich 1972, the General Assembly of the Union International de Pentathlon Moderne et Biathlon (UIPMB) approved a motion of the German Federation to include women. The motion was created by the former President of the German Federation, Prof Dr Peter Wilhelm Henze, who was a UIPMB Council Member.

HRH Prince Leopold of Bavaria was happy to hear that we would like to do a celebration for this movement and accepted to take over the patronage of this important celebration.


21.03. – 27.03.2022: Cairo, EGY

On March 22, President Dr Schormann spoke and answered questions at the press conference promoting the season-opening UIPM 2022 Pentathlon World Cup Cairo, together with Egypt’s Minister of Sport & Youth, Dr Ashraf Shoby.

UIPM has a good relationship with the Egyptian Government and Egyptian Modern Pentathlon Federation (EMPF), led by President Sharif Elerian who was elected UIPM Vice President at UIPM 2021 Congress.

Egypt has been a reliable pillar of the UIPM Sports movement, organizing high-quality World Cups and World Championships in this difficult time when a lot of countries are still restricted by COVID-19.

During his stay in Cairo (EGY), Dr Schormann met with representatives of various nations to discuss further steps for their federation or how to become a UIPM federation.

On March 23, along with UIPM Executive Board Member for Development Dr Viacheslav Malishev, he met with the Saudi Modern Pentathlon Federation President, Nasser Al-Dugether.

Together they discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by the replacement of Riding with a new 5th discipline. They also spoke about the next Youth Olympic Games in 2026 in Dakar, which will be a great opportunity for African athletes to take part through the UIPM qualification system.

The same day, Dr Schormann and Dr Malishev met with Simon Peter Komakech (President) and Joseph Collins Ssemmanda (Secretary General) of the Uganda Modern Pentathlon Federation.

There were further possibilities for meetings with African federations during Pentathlon World Cup Cairo.

On March 25, UIPM Vice President Sharif Elerian arranged a group meeting attended by the Vice President of the African Confederation (CAPM), Jennifer O’Hanlon (President, South African Modern Pentathlon Association), Francois Akonde (President, Ivory Coast Modern Pentathlon Federation) and two CAPM Executive Board Members, Saikou Jarju (President, Gambia Modern Pentathlon Association) and Simon Peter Komakech (President, Uganda Modern Pentathlon Federation).

The meeting was essential for the African nations to gain a better overview of their mutual opportunities and challenges. Dr Schormann and Dr Malyshev decided to travel to Africa later in 2022 to meet with the whole CAPM Board and as many nations as possible.


31.03.2022: Turkey Modern Pentathlon Federation

The UIPM President, accompanied by Secretary General Shiny Fang, had a meeting with the Turkish Modern Pentathlon Federation ahead of a busy month organising a UIPM 2022 Pentathlon World Cup and World Cup Final in Ankara (TUR) in June.

The video meeting consisted of a general overview about preparations of the World Cups as well as the New 5th Discipline test event, which the UIPM Executive Board decided on May 2 should take place immediately after the Pentathlon World Cup Final in the same venue in Ankara (TUR).

TMPF President Veli Ozan Cakir also briefed the UIPM President and Secretary General on major development steps made in Turkey, where the Government is strongly supporting the UIPM Sports movement through schools and university projects.



22.04.2022: African Confederation

During an online meeting with Sylvestre Zare, the new President of the African Modern Pentathlon Confederation (CAPM), President Schormann discussed new possibilities for African nations presented by the New 5th Discipline that will replace Riding.

President Zare underlined that a new door for future development of the multi-sport Modern Pentathlon has been opened by the decision made by UIPM 2021 Congress, especially for developing countries.


25.04. – 02.05.2022: Budapest, HUN

During the second competition of the season, UIPM 2022 Pentathlon World Cup Budapest, UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann had the opportunity to speak with a lot of European federations as well as Executive Board Members from the European Confederation.

On May 1 UIPM gathered together the New 5th Discipline Working Group in person for the first time and they held critical discussions about the future of Modern Pentathlon with external experts Michael Payne, Terrence Burns, David Hill, Peter Hutton and Ursula Romero.

This meeting was very constructive and the group made a big step towards determining the best possible future for Modern Pentathlon. Ian Adamson, President of World Obstacle, and Col Alessandro Trono from the International Military Sports Council (CISM) presented their proposed disciplines.

In the evening UIPM hosted a big joint dinner with all EB Members and Working Group Members as well as officials from the Hungarian Olympic Committee and Government.

IOC Member Pal Schmitt and UIPM President Schormann gave speeches about solidarity and understanding for the future of Modern Pentathlon in the Olympic Movement, the tradition, the heritage and great innovation for new generations to come.

On May 2, the UIPM EB met and decided to test two variations of Obstacle Discipline – as proposed by World Obstacle – in Ankara (TUR) in late June immediately after the UIPM 2022 Pentathlon World Cup Final. The mission to prepare Modern Pentathlon for a new era starting with the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games is now entering a new phase.

The EB furthermore discussed the war in Ukraine. As stated in previous statements UIPM is following the advice and recommendations of the IOC.

The meeting was the first to include new EB Members such as Asian Confederation President Hyunjun Kim and African Confederation President Sylvestre Zare, each of whom gave a special report.

The 1st Vice President of UIPM, Juan Antonio Samaranch (also IOC Vice President), received a special honour based on his outstanding work during many years for Modern Pentathlon.


05.05. – 07.05.2022: Lima, PER

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann, accompanied by Executive Assistant Lena Nussbaumer, attended the CISM Congress. Dr Schormann spoke at the General Assembly about the long pathway shared by CISM and UIPM as well as the future and changes in the pipeline.

During their time in Peru, President Dr Schormann and Ms Nussbaumer had discussions with delegations from Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, Nigeria, Denmark, Romania, Sweden and Poland among other nations.

Furthermore, they had a long and important meeting with the President of the Peruvian Modern Pentathlon Federation, Bernardino Leyva Meneses.


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