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UIPM President’s Activities: November 2020

UIPM Family

04.11.2020: European Olympic Committees meeting  

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann met with Sport Director Peter Brüll and Secretary General Jozef Liba from the European Olympic Committees (EOC) to discuss the inclusion of Modern Pentathlon in the European Games 2023 in Krakow-Malopolska (POL).  

Krakow 2023 will be an Olympic qualification competition and European Championships in the new Modern Pentathlon format designed for the Olympic Summer Games Paris 2024.  

Dmitry Svatkovsky, UIPM Executive Board Member and President of the European Modern Pentathlon Confederation, joined the conference along with EB Member for Sport, Janusz Peciak, and staff colleagues from both organisations.  

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann with colleagues from UIPM and European Olympic Committees


06.11.2020: Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission  

President Dr Schormann attended the IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission meeting. They discussed the actual Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and how it affects the Olympic movement, culture and global sport. 

The Commission will continue to support National Olympic Committees in their quest to ensure that athletes are safe, through the prevention of harassment and abuse as well as through access to reliable medical advice and care and anti-doping education.  

The Commission Chair, IOC Member Patama Leeswadtrakul, gave a briefing of all activities after a speech by IOC President Dr Thomas Bach together with IOC staff. 

President Dr Schormann with fellow members of the IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission, including IOC President Dr Thomas Bach (top left) and (below) Commission Chair Patam Leeswadtrakul


09.11.2020: ASOIF General Assembly 

President Dr Schormann represented UIPM at the virtual General Assembly of ASOIF (the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations). The Assembly included the re-election of Francesco Ricci Bitti as ASOIF President topics were newly elected. 

The Assembly also approved amendments to the ASOIF Statutes to establish gender neutral language and to promote the advancement of gender equality as well as the prevention of harassment, abuse and discrimination in its principal objectives.   

Other amendments to the statutes agreed upon today allow ASOIF to hold its General Assembly virtually and voting by electronic means in exceptional circumstances in the future.  

President Raffaelle Chiulli chaired the GAISF 2020 General Assembly


UIPM President Dr Schormann with Executive Assistant Lena Nussbaumer during the GAISF General Assembly, which featured an address from UIPM Honorary President HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco


10.11.2020: GAISF General Assembly 

Dr Schormann attended the virtual General Assembly of GAISF. President Raffaele Chiulli introduced the GAISF members and spoke about the political situation around the world, but also about sustainability and how important it is now to hold together and move forward.  

As Chair of the Sustainability and Legacy Commission, UIPM Honorary President HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco also addressed the GA, mentioning the current situation and what GAISF had achieved in the past year with its sustainability projects.  


10.11.2020: Finalization of Modern Pentathlon scenarios of the Paris 2024 Event Program 

The UIPM President, together with Secretary General Shiny Fang, met with International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sport Director Kit McConnell and colleagues from Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) and Paris 2024 to discuss UIPM’s proposals for a new Modern Pentathlon format for the Olympic Summer Games Paris 2024.  

Secretary General Mrs Fang and Operations Director Alexandre Franca gave a detailed presentation linked to the format, approved by the UIPM Executive Board.  

The UIPM President joins a meeting of UIPM, OBS, IOC and Paris 2024 colleagues


10.11.2020: Meeting with Technical Delegates 

President Dr Schormann attended a session with the UIPM Technical Committee and technical delegates from around the world to discuss the new Modern Pentathlon format and discuss the current political situation.  


11.11.2020: Meeting with Athletes 

The UIPM President joined fellow EB members, including UIPM Athletes Committee Chair Aya Medany, her fellow Committee members and UIPM Staff on a video session with high-level pentathletes from around the world. 

The aim of the session was to present details of the new Modern Pentathlon format designed for Paris 2024, answer the athletes’ questions and receive their feedback. 


16.11.2020: Meeting with TV-34 and Sport A 

In his position as one of three council members for the TV-34 solidarity group of German sport federations and directors for Sport of TV networks ARD and ZDF, the UIPM President discussed the national and international competitions in 2020 and the 2021 linked to the pandemic and financial situation.  

All members of the council together underlined the difficulties but also the solidarity and the future ongoing partnership.  

Council members of the TV-34 and Sport A group


18.11.2020: Meeting with coaches 

The UIPM President joined fellow EB members, including UIPM Coaches Committee Chair Christian Roudaut, his fellow Committee members and UIPM Staff on a video session with high-level Modern Pentathlon coaches from around the world. 

The aim of the session was to present details of the new Modern Pentathlon format designed for Paris 2024, answer the coaches’ questions and receive their feedback. 


24.11.2020: Meeting with National Federations  

The UIPM President joined almost the entire Executive Board, including 1st Vice-President Juan Antonio Samaranch, and UIPM Staff on a video session with UIPM National Federations from around the world. 

The aim of the session was to present details of the new Modern Pentathlon format designed for Paris 2024, answer questions from NF representatives and receive their feedback. 

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann during the National Federations video session (below)


27.11.2020: Meeting with Prof Dr Hans Michael Ockenfels 

Dr Schormann met Prof Dr Ockenfels to discuss the Coronavirus situation worldwide and consequences for global sport.  

Prof Dr Ockenfels established in his clinic in Hanua (GER) the possibility for ‘fast tests’ and he will arrange a vaccination service beginning in December 2020.  

He offers his service to UIPM and the UIPM Medical Committee, under the leadership of Dr Natalja Ofitserova, is discussing future steps for UIPM and the National Federations. 


28.11.2020: Information Session of German Federation of Modern Pentathlon  

UIPM President Dr Schormann joined a video conference with the German Federation for Modern Pentathlon (DVMF) and provided remarks and special explanations to the delegates about the new format of Modern Pentathlon designed for the Olympic Summer Games Paris 2024.  

Dr Schormann also spoke about further tests in 2021 and thanked the DVMF for also offering to be ready to organize a test in 2021 between the UIPM 2021 Pentathlon and Laser Run World Championships in Minsk (BLR) and the Olympic Summer Games Tokyo 2020 (in July/August 2021).  


30.11.2020: Monaco (MON) 

UIPM President Dr Schormann welcomed the UIPM Honorary President, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, to the official opening of the new UIPM Headquarters.  

The UIPM President, together with Vice President Joel Bouzou OLY, gave HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco a guided tour of the federation’s expansive new office in the Principality. 

They ended the tour with a video conference, joined remotely by Secretary General Shiny Fang, who gave a presentation to the UIPM Honorary President after an introductory briefing by the UIPM President. 

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann at UIPM Headquarters


The UIPM Honorary President and UIPM President enjoy a private conversation at the end of their conference in the new UIPM Headquarters office

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