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UIPM President’s Update & Activities - June 2020

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Olympic Day, UIPM and Coubertin: UIPM President’s Update

More than ever, in these days when our international society is working together to defeat a global pandemic, it is very important to remember the values on which our sporting movement was founded.

The Olympic Day on June 23 gave us all the opportunity to do this.

The first Olympic Day was celebrated on June 23, 1948 – only a few weeks before the formation of UIPM in Sandhurst (GBR) during the Olympic Summer Games London 1948.

This was the year when our organisation formalised the vision of our founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who introduced the Modern Pentathlon at the Olympic Summer Games Stockholm 1912.

Coubertin wanted the Modern Pentathlon and the Olympic Games to be symbols of what humanity can achieve, and to reinforce the important of giving all people the same opportunities regardless of their gender, race, age, religion and other beliefs.

In 1948, nine National Olympic Committees celebrated the first Olympic Day – Austria, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela – and today it is wonderful to see the entire world coming together.

Most of the activity took place online, of course – but the message was clear: Olympism and the values of our sporting movement have never been more important to our global society. I wish you all good health and let’s remain hopeful that sport can bring us back together soon. 


UIPM President’s activities: June 2020 

10.06.2020: Wiesbaden (GER) 

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann met with World Archery Vice President Jörg Brokamp (also Chairman of the International Shooting Sport Federation Technical Committee and Secretary General of the German Shooting Federation) in the headquarters of the German federation to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus on the international sporting movement.

They underlined the close cooperation between UIPM and the world shooting society, which has a long tradition since 1912. They discussed the possibility for a regular exchange of knowledge between the Technical Committees of UIPM and ISSF.

27.06.2020: Gelnhausen, GER

President Dr Schormann met with the Chairman of the UIPM Doping Review Panel, Prof Dr Hans Michael Ockenfels, and the President of the Sportfederations of Hesse, Dr Rolf Müller.

They discussed the financial situation of sports clubs and the training possibilities not only for world-class athletes but also for those who train only to remain healthy. Prof Dr Ockenfels spoke from his viewpoint as an international medical expert about actions for health now and in future. A lot of work will be required of coaches and trainers to provide their athletes with help and guidelines on mental health.

Dr Müller gave examples of financial assistance Governments are providing in developed countries.

President Dr Schormann underlined that International Federations are focusing strongly on preparations for the Olympic Summer Games Tokyo 2020 hosted in 2021 but not forgetting the need to support developing countries in this difficult crisis. We need now very strong solidarity. The future is for all.

30.06.2020: Darmstadt, GER 

The UIPM President ended a busy month of online meetings in his President’s Office by discussing the financial situation of UIPM today and in future years with Secretary General Shiny Fang and Treasurer John Helmick.


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