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UIPM President’s Update: May 2020

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UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann has issued a personal statement to all members of the global UIPM Sports community as some countries start to resume sporting activity after passing the peak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

My dear colleagues and friends,

We continue to be consumed by the fundamental challenge facing our planet.

Worldwide, we all have in mind that the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is still affecting all structures of life – schools, universities, businesses and domestic social life – in which sport plays a very specific role.

Our medical professionals and key workers are continuing to do vital work in all countries to keep us safe – and many of you are continuing to make huge sacrifices to help keep your family and friends safe from this virus.

I know that some athletes have been able to resume training while respecting social distancing, and this is wonderful to see.

In the coming weeks, I am sure that in some regions of the world sporting activities will begin to be permitted by Governments. As the restrictions ease, arrangements can be made for bilateral competitions wherever travel from country to country is allowed.

It is very important that activities for our athletes in all age categories are promoted.

UIPM is in close contact with the various departments at the International Olympic Committee to manage in close partnership all the steps needed for a proper ongoing preparation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games hosted in July/August 2021.

I hope it has been helpful to you all to receive the dates for Olympic qualification competitions rescheduled for 2021 in March, April, May and June. We are grateful to all organisers who have been flexible and working closely with the UIPM staff team, and these competitions will be arranged in line with local government advice in each country.

The highest priority has to be health – for all of us. I really ask you all to follow the important advice coming from our medical experts and respect the decisions of your governments as we move slowly and carefully towards a resumption of UIPM Sports activity. 


01-31.05.2020: Darmstadt, GER

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann continued to have phone conferences throughout May with the IOC Sport Department and IOC President Dr Thomas Bach together with all other IF Presidents and Secretary Generals.

Working from his office in Darmstadt (GER), he concluded discussions with Presidents of the National Federations who have agreed in 2021 to organise UIPM competitions in their countries that were cancelled in 2020.

On the UIPM President arranged a video call with all members of UIPM staff to discuss ongoing projects, including the #LaserHomeRun initiative which brought the global UIPM Sports community together virtually in early May.

Respecting social distancing guidelines, the UIPM President attended some local meetings and hosted a round-table meeting about promotion, presentation and marketing with industry experts Prof Dr Nicole Mau and Prof Dr Markus Mau.


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