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UIPM President’s update: A personal message for athletes and National Federations

UIPM Family

The UIPM President, Dr Klaus Schormann, has issued a personal statement in support of athletes and National Federation members who are trying to come to terms with new ways of living imposed by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, which has caused all UIPM Sports activity to cease.


Dear athletes and National Federations,

We sincerely hope you and all of your families are in good health and that you are finding ways to make the best use of your time.

The whole world is currently in a difficult state and during this time it is necessary to hold together as never before. Sticking together for the weak, for all those who can’t benefit from a good health system like many of us, but also sticking together as a show of strength, to win together and to be able to experience our sport together again the way we love it!

To our athletes, we hope that you can use the free time as well as possible to train and to challenge yourselves. We know it’s not easy, and we know it is hard to keep focusing on something that is far away. But you need to keep going.

If you can overcome this challenge – and you will – you can overcome anything. Just keep strong and optimistic!

For all National Federations, we know this is a tough time and sometimes you might feel desperate. The locked training venues are a financial burden; however, life must continue, even when the most significant thing in our lives – our sport – is on hold.

Many of you are worried about where this will lead and if you have the necessary resources to get through this challenging time. But you must not give up, life will always go on! Try making the best of it, for the sport and for everyone out there who is supporting us, but especially for our athletes.

They deserve most of all to be back on the field and doing what we all love so much. Because what is a sporting world without athletes?

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