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UIPM releases new Concussion Policy with a renewed focus on athlete wellbeing 


The UIPM Medical Committee has unveiled a new Concussion Policy as part of its continued efforts to focus on the safety and health of Modern Pentathlon athletes. 

The comprehensive Concussion Policy was established to outline the procedures for identifying, managing and preventing concussions in all sports governed by UIPM. 

As sports across the world continue to research and develop new approaches to dramatic brain injuries, the causes of concussion, its symptoms and both short-term and long-term effects are all in focus. The work by the UIPM Medical Committee on this front is both timely and in keeping with the best worldwide approaches.

The UIPM Concussion Policy explicitly states that “concussions are a serious concern in sport due to the potential short-term and long-term consequences”. It outlines both Concussion Removal and Concussion Return guidelines with step-by-step processes to protect affected athletes and ensure a return-to-play protocol is meticulously followed. 

UIPM Medical Committee Chair, Dr Natalja Ofitserova, said: “UIPM is always conscious of our primary duty of care — the health and wellbeing of our athletes. This comprehensive policy aims to educate athletes, coaches and officials about concussions, their symptoms and associated risks, while outlining clear procedures for their identification, removal and safe return to play within UIPM Sports.

“I would like to thank all of my colleagues on the UIPM Medical Committee for their work in compiling this policy document, which I am sure will serve to make our sports even safer for Modern Pentathlon athletes.”

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