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UIPM relief effort in Philippines helps children of typhoon disaster


After learning of the devastating effect of the recent typhoon in the Philippines, John Amabile of the organising committee of the 2014 World Cup Final, travelled to Balabag on the Negros Island on behalf of UIPM to bring food to those affected by the disaster. Typhoon Haiyan has left four million children desperate for food, clean water and shelter.

Thanks to the efforts of John Amabile, the children of Balabag are now eating soup with chicken, vegetables and rice, sponsored by UIPM.

With UIPM always keen to use the sport of Modern Pentathlon and as educational tool and to promote sports participation at all levels. This weekend, the kids took part in a biathle (run/swim/run) competition. This initiative by the 2014 World Cup Final Sarasota, Florida, bid and included a barbeque and picnic for all the families in the village.

Even through this adversity, the locals showed tremendous courage and the whole visit was a good celebration of sport and its power to help. Respects were also shown to those who were less fortunate and perished during the typhoon.

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