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UIPM Secretary General’s Message: Leading and serving are the aim to continuously improve!

UIPM Family

At the end of a challenging 18 months since the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, when UIPM was in a constant state of accelerated evolution, we finally had the chance to breathe at the start of 2023.

It was a time to reboot and reassess our roles and responsibilities, as the governing body of a sports movement with a great history behind it and a great future to look forward to.

As head of the UIPM Administration, this is how I want our organisation to fulfil its commitment to lead and serve the global UIPM community in the name of continuous improvement.

  • To lead and plan: our goal all the time is to set the strategy and lead on delivery of Congress and Executive Board decisions and discussions, with feasible plans to achieve final results within an efficient time frame.
  • To facilitate: the importance of accessibility is not confined to our sport disciplines, it also extends to all our stakeholders’ involvement in the sport; therefore, our tasks cover anything that could facilitate participation.
  • To provide: the level of services the satisfaction of our stakeholders matters and means everything; to serve is what we do.
  • To standardise: only with clear standards can our sports activity be repeated and enlarged, but the process of standardisation is never easy; your cooperation and understanding can make the difference.
  • To look for possibilities: it is our responsibility to find opportunities and to demonstrate the bright future of the sport.
  • To create a sustainable model: sustainability with its multiple dimensions should be considered during all of our conductions, although it takes time and needs constant effort.
  • To become more autonomous: we want to find a way that one day we don’t rely on IOC revenue; it is a long journey, but not an impossible mission, if we could all work together and be united focused on the bigger picture…

There are a few other points that are worth underlining:

  • After the whole process of the New Pentathlon Discipline, this is the time to digest and to stabilise things; our innovation and energy won’t stop, even though we are expecting a positive decision from the IOC around the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic sporting programme.
  • We asked the community to adapt a lot, we appreciate the cooperation and the faith retained in UIPM after so many up and down in the past two years; it also shows that we can overcome everything with ultimate understanding, trust and full solidarity.  
  • In this historical decision-making year of 2023, the UIPM Administration has been upgraded based on all aspects of what is needed to better serve the entire community and fulfil as much as possible the requirements that will bring us great results at the end!


I wish you all a fulfilling 2023 season and look forward to continuing our mission hand in hand.

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