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UIPM Secretary General’s Message: Your voice is heard – Frankfurt joint meeting becomes a hub of UIPM democracy

UIPM Family

What makes an international sports governing body meaningful in a different way to other organisations?

Every time we meet in February for the UIPM Joint Committees Meeting, there is a powerful reminder that the answer to this question is democracy.

More broadly, it becomes an important reinforcement of our responsibilities, our duties, the need to respect differing opinions and voices, and the fundamental principle that the majority matters.

Specifically in relation to UIPM, and the challenge that lies in front of us, this annual gathering is vital because it helps us to find common ground when leading our sports movement to a direction that has a future. We all care about the various stakeholders inside and outside of our community and we discuss ways to better assist, serve and help.

So what was on the agenda this year, and who was represented in Frankfurt?

  • Members of the UIPM Athletes, Coaches and Technical Committees each presented during the course of the joint meeting; each of them spoke openly and explained their priorities, concerns and points on behalf of their group
  • Some relevant Executive Board members and leadership presented, debated and accepted suggestions from various angles
  • Members of the Administration team responsible for respective Committees presented, providing real facts and context to facilitate effective discussions.

And how does this meeting underscore the importance of democracy within UIPM?

  • It allows space for differing opinions and angles
  • Members can debate and find compromised proposals
  • Coaches absolutely have a say from their standpoint
  • Technical Committee members reinforce the importance of precision in their tasks during the conduction of events
  • The atmosphere as relaxed, people feel constructive and respected.

This year’s meeting was the catalyst for a new electoral period across the three Committees, as well as the UIPM Confederations, so don’t miss the opportunity to express yourself and stand up!

  • The athlete voice has never been so loud within the decision-making process
  • Changes and innovations are for athletes and for future generations, therefore, expressing the athlete view from all representing Committees means a lot and needs your efforts
  • Pay attention to your continental championships, UIPM Pentathlon World Cups and World Championships, and contact the current Athletes Committee to request more information.

Democracy is never easy to implement, but this is the philosophy we all agree to follow and to respect. There may be no such thing as the perfect scenario, but there is always the best possible approach, so I ask all members of our community to share your voices and opinion with your representing group – whether you are an athlete, coach or technical official – and they will listen to you and will appreciate your engagement!

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