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UIPM seeking timing/scoring and TV graphics provider for 2022-2024 cycle


UIPM is pleased to open a bidding process to appoint a timing and scoring provider able to supply live data for the development of live TV graphics for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games cycle (2022-2024). Details of the process can be found here.

The bidders will need to supply and service all timing/scoring equipment as well as develop and deliver innovative television graphics to complement UIPM’s programmes and enhance the understandability and attractiveness of UIPM Sports including the New Modern Pentathlon format.

Bidders will have the chance to submit their tenders and be part of the future of UIPM’s flagship Olympic sport Modern Pentathlon and its other multi-discipline sports.

UIPM Executive Board member for Media, Andrejus Zadneprovskis, OLY, said: “TV graphics play an important part in the storytelling of our sport. In order to support this function, UIPM needs to place a high level of consistency in the timing/scoring systems and equipment used.

The partner will need to work closely with the newly appointed television and digital provider in order to deliver exciting graphics which will help the understandability of our sport.”

Bidders must submit their tender by October 18, 2021. It is advised that interested bidders contact UIPM as soon as possible for more specific details. UIPM will meet the shortlisted bidders from November 1 and will advise the successful bidder of the outcome by November 7.

UIPM Executive Board member for Marketing, Martin Dawe said: “The UIPM have created an exciting new format that will start at the beginning of 2022. It will be a full Modern Pentathlon event within 2 hours.

The gives us the opportunity to review the presentation of our family of sports and to appoint new operation partners. We wish to show our events in a dynamic and informative way to audiences worldwide.

Therefore, we are seeking a partner who is competent, will share our passion and will be innovative and proactive.”

The contract period is scheduled to commence on November 30, 2021.

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