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UIPM Sports update: Multi-Sport Games 2023-26


MONACO: August 24, 2022 – UIPM has taken new steps to expand its multi-sport events portfolio to provide more opportunities for UIPM Sports athletes worldwide. 

The global governing body of Modern Pentathlon, Tetrathlon, Triathle, Biathle, Laser Run and World Schools Biathlon announces today that:  

  • Laser Run has been proposed as an additional sport to the organisers of the XXIII Commonwealth Games, to be held in Victoria (AUS) in 2026  

  • Triathle has been confirmed for inclusion in the III Mediterranean Beach Games in Heraklion (GRE) in 2023


Laser Run could be one of 21 sports on the programme when the Commonwealth Games – one of the world’s largest multi-sport events with about 5,000 participants every four years – takes place in the Australian State of Victoria in March 2026. 

UIPM has active member federations in the majority of Commonwealth Games nations including many of the most competitive – Australia, Canada, India, Jamaica, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the countries of the United Kingdom. 

UIPM has submitted an expression of interest for inclusion in the Games to the Victorian Government and Commonwealth Games Australia, who are working with the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) to add up to five sports to the core roster of 16 sports.  

Laser Run, which consists of laser shooting and running, is UIPM’s youngest and most popular and inclusive development sport, with a simple plug-and-play format that has been adopted all over the world via the UIPM Global Laser Run City Tour. 

UIPM’s application for inclusion as a new sport in Victoria 2026 includes a Para Laser Run competition.  

Kitty Chiller AM OLY, President of the Oceania Modern Pentathlon Confederation, said: “Laser Run is the exciting culmination of every Modern Pentathlon competition. But it is also a spectacular event in its own right.  

“Laser Run combines the technical precision of shooting with the endurance and strength of running in a spectator-friendly and fast-paced event. It would be a fantastic addition to the Commonwealth Games programme for athletes and spectators.” 



Triathle (Swim-Run-Shoot) and its sister sport Biathle (Run-Swim-Run) have become staples in the annual sporting calendar on beach venues across the world. 

Triathle has previously featured on the programme of multi-sports events including the Asian Beach Games and Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, and now athletes from prolific Modern Pentathlon nations such as Egypt, France, Italy and Turkey will have an opportunity to compete for medals on a new stage next year.  

There will be an estimated 1,500 athletes participating in Heraklion 2023 and other countries in the region with active UIPM member federations are Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Kosovo, Lebanon, Malta, Monaco, North Macedonia, Portugal and Spain.  

The Mediterranean Beach Games was introduced in 2015 by the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG) and Triathle will be one of the new sports on the programme for the 2023 Games, which runs from September 2-9 in Heraklion (GRE). The previous editions of the Games were held in Pescara (ITA) and Patras (GRE). 

Sharif Elerian, UIPM Vice President and President of the Egyptian Modern Pentathlon Federation (EMPF), said: “I am happy that Pentathlon has been in for the upcoming Mediterranean Beach Games, and it shows that UIPM is going in the right direction and Pentathlon is getting more popular in the world.  

“I hope to see Pentathlon in all continental and regional games in the future as one of the main pillars of the Olympic movement and as a sport for the complete athlete. I’m sure all participating countries in the Mediterranean Beach Games will relish the opportunity for their pentathletes to take part in Heraklion in 2023.” 

The inclusion of Triathle in the Mediterranean Beach Games is the result of long-term relationship building between UIPM and ICMG initiated by UIPM Member for Development, Dr Viacheslav Malishev, pictured with ICMG Secretary General Iakovos Filippousis.

From left to right, ICMG Secretary General Iakovos Filippousis and UIPM Member for Development Dr Viacheslav Malyshev


UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “As the only sport created especially for the Olympic Games, introduced by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in Stockholm in 1912, Modern Pentathlon has a special place in sporting history but UIPM is committed to providing athletes with more opportunities through multi-sport Games. 

“On behalf of the UIPM Executive Board I am delighted with the success of the application to the International for the Mediterranean Beach Games Heraklion 2023. Many athletes in the region will have a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their skills in three of the Modern Pentathlon disciplines. 

“At the same time we are very positive about the application relating to the Commonwealth Games Victoria 2026. We are confident that the Local Organising Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation will see the merits of Laser Run as a standalone event that can increase the excitement and accessibility of the Games and create a positive legacy in Victoria, without adding significantly to the cost and complexity of the event.” 

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