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UIPM statement on Logan Storie (USA)


The UIPM Doping Review Panel has imposed a 15-month suspension on the athlete Logan Storie (United States) following a doping violation.

The athlete tested positive for the prohibited substances Androsterone and Etiocholanone after a urine test carried out during UIPM Pentathlon World Cup Los Angeles on February 24, 2017.

The offence contravened Article 2.1 of the UIPM Anti-Doping Rules, which carries a standard suspension of four years, “unless the athlete can establish that the violation was not intentional”.

In this case, Logan Storie (USA) provided evidence that satisfied the UIPM Doping Review Panel that he did not knowingly ingest the prohibited substances, and his suspension was set at 15 months. All of his results in UIPM competitions since February 24, 2017 have been disqualified and he is free to return to the sport from May 24, 2018.

UIPM is fully committed to the fight against doping and the promotion of clean sport and clean athletes.

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