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Biathle-Triathle spotlight: Athletes return to competition in Egypt, Portugal, Germany and Georgia


The gradual resumption of UIPM Sports in many countries and continents has been good news for Biathle and Triathle athletes, many of whom see the multi-discipline sports as a springboard to Modern Pentathlon.

The UIPM 2021 Biathle-Triathle National Tour has enabled athletes of all ages to compete in Egypt, Portugal, Germany and Georgia this year, while Kazakhstan hosted the Open Biathle & Triathle Asian Championships.


Hurghada (EGY) gets the ball rolling

Egypt has been one of the most active nations in the restart of UIPM Sports in 2021 and the resort of Hurghada hosted an early instalment of the UIPM 2021 Biathle-Triathle National Tour (BTNT) on April 2.

The tournament was the final competition opportunity for Egyptian athletes to boost their ranking and earn selection for the the UIPM 2021 Biathle-Triathle World Championships in Weiden (GER).

A spokesperson for the local organising committee said: “More than 400 athletes participated in good weather. All athletes and coaches were satisfied with the organization and results.”

Sporting holidays in Machico (POR)

The city of Machico on the island of Madeira held the BTNT, as well as the fourth stage of Laser Run Portugal Tour 2021, on June 27.

Machico is becoming a popular Biathle-Triathle destination having organised the European Championships in 2019 and now preparing for the UIPM World Championships in 2022.

A spokesperson for the local organising committee said: “It was a beautiful June Saturday, with perfect weather and great water conditions for the swimming section.

“Around 100 athletes competed in each of the competitions, many from the Portugal mainland who took the chance for a small holiday on the island.

“The health and safety protocol was a success, with all athletes and team members following all the guidance from the organisation, and the competition was a real success.”

The city of Coimbra (POR) also hosted a BTNT combined with the Global Laser Run City Tour on June 12, with 120 participants across all age groups.

Pool switch can’t stop the fun in Tbilisi (GEO)

Due to a high level of moss coverage on the Lisi Lake, originally planned for open-water use, the Swimming element of the BTNT in Tbilisi (GEO) on June 27 was moved to local swimming pools.

It did not deter the many participants, who compete in the pool and then took part in Laser Run near the lake. A spokesperson for the local organising committee said: “We appreciate the flexibility of all organisers and all athletes who took part in the Biathle-Triathle National Tour in Tbilisi. We hope to have more optimum conditions next time.”

Burabay (KAZ) opens up for major regional gathering

The Open Biathle & Triathle Asian Championships were held from June 24-28 in the resort area of ​​Burabay (KAZ). The competition was attended by 250 athletes of all ages from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Swimming took place in open water in Lake Borovoe, where the water temperature on the first day ranged from 21-23C. The entire running course was held along a forest belt on the shore of the lake, while the Triathle shooting line took place in an open area in the forest.

A spokesperson for the local organising committee said: “The competition was held in accordance with all UIPM Biathle and Triathle rules and Vadim Chudnovsky was the Technical Delegate. On all three days, safety rules for athletes and spectators were observed with a water rescue service, several ambulances and a fire brigade and several police squads on duty on the water.

“At the end of the third day, a mixed event in Biathle and Triathle took place, and the Technical Delegate as well as the coaches and athletes present noted the high level of the competition and the professionalism of the officials.”

Stepping up preparations in Weiden (GER)

One of the year’s most important BTNT competitions took place in Weiden (GER) which will play host to the UIPM 2021 Biathle-Triathle World Championships from August 25-29.

The event was held in conjunction with the German National Championships and enabled organisers to rehearse the organisational requirements of the World Championships, including testing the swimming course, water depth and running course conditions.

More than 100 athletes took part in their first competition after a long break, with Biathle categories encompassing U15 to Masters 60+ and Triathle participants competing from U11 to Masters 60+.

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