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Laser Run Spotlight: Croatia and Lithuania join GLRCT circuit

Laser Run

Welcome to the party, Croatia and Lithuania!

The Global Laser Run City Tour community continued to grow in May 2022 with the first instalments held in Croatia (in the capital, Zagreb) and Lithuania (in the city of Telsiai).

Estonia also held its second City Tour and the action spread across Eastern and Western Europe, with the global reach extending to South Africa.


Rustavi (GEO)

  • Sunday May 1
  • Rustavi's central stadium
  • Participants from cities of Tbilisi, Rustavi, Sachkhere, Chiatura, and Gori.

Local organising committee (LOC) representative Davit Magrakvelidze: “It's the 4th time that GLRCT has been organized in Rustavi and the city already had a good experience of Laser Run events. The competition staff are very qualified and experienced here in Rustavi.

“I hope the competitions that will be held in Chiatura and Sachkhere this July will be organized as it was here in Rustavi.”


Stellenbosch (RSA)

  • Sunday May 8
  • Somerset College, Western Cape
  • 120 athletes aged 6-70

LOC representative Bernard Shaw: “Among the participants there were an equal number of girls and boys on the day and a lot of fun developing the sport.

“It was a great event to have everybody experiencing the sport and developing it in our area. The facilities at Somerset College are top of the range with heated swimming pool and beautiful mountains and vineyards surrounding the school.

“The grass track and bridge over the river was a perfect route for the longer distances. The day was magnificent.”


Abrantes (POR)

  • Sunday May 8
  • Aquapolis Leisure Park
  • 200+ participants

LOC representative: “In hot and sunny temperatures, over athletes of all age groups gathered to fight for the medals, aiming for the UIPM 2022 Laser Run World Championships to be held in Lisbon in September.  

“There was tons of action and photo-finish podiums, stirring emotions and cheering from the spectators and club members attending the event, as Laser Run has been the main development format of Modern Pentathlon in Portugal since its creation.  

“Over the course of 2022 there will be 10 stages (five as part of the GLRCT and others on the national circuit) all over the country’s mainland and some at Madeira Islands, where the UIPM 2022 Biathle/Triathle World Championships will take place in October.”


Zagreb (CRO)

  • Sunday May 15
  • Siget sports ground

LOC spokesperson: “Zagreb became the first city in Croatia to host the UIPM Global Laser Run City Tour and there will be events in Porec and Osijek later in 2022.

“There were categories for seniors, juniors and veterans and the competition lasted two hours followed by a medal ceremony and socialising.

“The GLRCT was incorporated into the Erasmus+ project Enhancing Health and Physical Activity Rates through Pentathlon (EHPARP).

“The competition went according to plan without any difficulties and the main goal and purpose of the competition was met - promoting the element of modern pentathlon, promoting health and the importance of sports in all segments.”


Telsiai (LTU)

  • Friday May 20
  • 200+ participants including ex-pentathlete Tomas Makarovas as chief judge

First-time Laser Runner: "I did not expect such emotions. It was fun. It was the first time I tried it. I'm so sorry I haven’t done it before. I will encourage my friends to try it too.”

Women’s Under 19 winner Teja Pakinkyte: "I enjoyed the competition, it wasn’t easy but it was fun. I appreciate the experience, which is really great.”

LOC representative: “We saw real emotions during the GLRCT in Telsiai, and we are all looking forward to three more Tours in Lithuania this year starting on June 17 in Siauliai.

“This was a strong start to our Laser Run activities in Lithuania – please visit our dedicated website at”


Tallinn (EST)

  • Sunday May 22
  • Audentese Sports Club
  • 56 participants

LOC representative: “After the first in Tallinn in March 2022, we could see how results of participants progressed during the past two months and this is one of the biggest successes.

“We welcomed participants from Estonia and Latvia and also youth athletes from Ukraine. This time the racing took place outdoors, unlike the GLRCT in March, and again we saw great performances from World Junior Triathle champion and Laser Run silver medallist Johanna Maria Jogisu (EST). This year she is competing in the senior category and again won the GLRCT senior women’s race by a big margin.”


Ungheni (MDA)

  • Saturday May 28
  • City horse-sport complex
  • 250+ participants

Alexei Vasilianov, President, Modern Pentathlon Federation of Moldova: "The event was several times postponed due to the emergency situation in the Republic of Moldova (caused by the war in Ukraine, our neighbouring country). However, our team managed to organize and successfully deliver this important sports event in our country. It was possible due to Laser Run equipment support provided by UIPM.

“It was a real sports holiday for local society, where whole families could participate and compete. The atmosphere was really fun, friendly and engaging. People were asking about the next occasion for such an event, which unites families and friends.

“We look forward to two more Tours in Moldova in the autumn, including one in the capital Chisinau.”


Riga (LAT)

  • Saturday/Sunday May 28/29
  • Mežaparks Sports Village
  • 80 participants

LOC representative Andra Novicka: “A Global Laser Run City Tour was held in the capital of Latvia at the sport facilities of Riga SV football club. Among the participants were athletes from Baltic countries Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as a team of young Ukrainian athletes.

“Among the well-known athletes there were again the shining duet from Estonia who won Mixed Relay gold at the UIPM 2021 Laser Run World Championships – Johanna Maria Jogisu and Carl Robert Kallaste. One of the local stars was U19 girls winner Aleksandra Malasenoka, who won bronze at the 2021 European Laser Run Championships.

“We were very happy about the age of participants because we had all age groups from youth U11 to Masters 60+. The parents of young athletes also took part in Laser Run competitions in Masters categories.

“On the podium there were representatives of all four participating countries, which also created a special momentum. Competitions with a UIPM brand and feel are a real sport celebration!

“We look forward to one more GLRCT in Latvia this year, in Salaspils on August 27.”

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