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Pentathlon Stories competition winner: Maria Olshanskaya (RUS) – Fairy Tale ‘Five in One’ Once Upon a Time

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There Was a Wolf in the forest. And there was no life and peace from it for the pentathlete hares: he would pour water out of the pool, then spoil the laser gun, then overfeed the horse. Long thought hares pentathletes, how to cope with the wolfbully. There was a desperate Bunny named Long Ear. The most fun competitions came up with this Bunny, the longest tales about modern pentathlon told on rainy days when it was impossible to train. Even adult pentathlete hares looked at the baby with respect. So it is not surprising that the way to defeat the wolf came up with it.


One fine, Sunny morning, all the animals gathered in a forest clearing. Noise, noise, the chirping of birds. What's the matter, what happened? It turns out that on the largest birch tree there is an ad written in large letters: "I, a pentathlete Hare, fence, swim, run and shoot better than a Wolf. A show jumping, this is my hobby!".


The Wolf himself came to the clearing. He pushed the animals aside, went to the ad, and began to read. Not very literate was a Wolf, read for a long time. And when I read it, I fell down on the grass laughing. He laughed and laughed, and then he pulled a Rabbit out of the crowd by its ears and lifted it into the air:

Are you faster than me, running, swimming, shooting, fencing and jumping?

I, - squeaked Hare pentathlete.

Well, well! The wolf opened its paw in surprise.


A Hare flopped to the ground. Then he jumped up, dusted himself off, and said:

- I challenge you, Wolf, to a modern pentathlon competition. If you win me, we will serve you, all the hares: chop wood, cook dinner.

"I'll clean the chimney with you!" laughed the Wolf.

"I agree ," sighed the pentathlete Hare.

"Well, if I beat you, you'll be out of the woods forever."

So they decided to do.


When is the competition? "what is it?" asked the Bear, who liked accuracy in everything.

- In a year. - said The hare pentathlete.


The Wolf returned to his hut, lay down on the bed and said: "well, wife, I will now prepare for the competition - I will lie on the bed all year, take care of my feet!" The Wolf went to the forest store, bought a feather bed and three colorful pillows. She wrapped the Wolf up and covered him with a warm blanket. A Wolf is lying there, only its nose sticking out from under the blanket. The Wolf wanted to ventilate the hut, only opened the window, the Wolf jumped up on the bed: "Do you want to kill me? Catch a cold? Close the window and light the stove. And you will go out on the street, just open the door a little! I didn't want to get sick before the competition!".

So the Wolf lay for a whole year, did not get out of bed, all the legs were saved. And then one day a Magpie flew in and knocked on the window:

"Are you lying down, Wolf, all the animals are already gathered in the clearing, waiting for you alone! Modern pentathlon competition today.


On this day, all the animals from small to large gathered in the clearing. Here stood side by side on the hare path Wolf and Hare pentathlete. The wolf is big and shaggy, and the pentathlete Hare is lower than his boot. The Fox leaped forward: "You're crazy, scythe, you can't compete with a Wolf! Better get out of here before it's too late." And all the animals agreed with her: "Don't beat a rabbit pentathlete Wolf! He shouldn't have made it up."


The Bear-judge waved a flag and the Wolf and the hare-pentathlete started swimming. The wolf made a stroke-once, twice and immediately overtook The hare-pentathlete. All the hares hid behind a Bush from shame. They covered their eyes with their ears.


"Oh-Oh-Oh! - What do I see? I can't believe my eyes! I've never seen anything like it. A pentathlete hare and a Wolf swim side by side. Oh, here me, or I'll fall off the branch. The hare-pentathlete beat the Wolf in fencing and show jumping, I can clearly see it from above. Running Hare-pentathlete laser-ran ahead of the Wolf, only the heels sparkle. And the Wolf is stomping after him, puffing, puffing, poor fellow. In fifteen minutes the hare ran all over the forest and was not even tired, only a little out of breath. The animals had already begun to disperse when the Wolf came. I lost one of my sneakers somewhere, and it's lame. I saw a pentathlete Hare and growled in rage: "I'm going to eat you, a pentathlete Hare!". "No, wolf, you will not eat it," said the Bear-judge, who is in everything


I loved accuracy - you will have to admit defeat!". There was nothing to do, Wolf admitted defeat. When they were coming out of the forest, A hare-pentathlete jumped out from behind a Bush:

- FizKult-hi!

- Tell me goodbye, how did you manage to beat me  -sullenly The wolf asks.

- And very simply, the Olympic sport modern pentathlon is five in one. Previously, only officers were engaged in pentathlon. Athletes are required to master several disciplines at once, while you were lying on a feather bed, I was training my paws. I got up early, did shooting, and doused myself with cold water.

I did three training sessions every day!

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