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Road to Tokyo: Ieda Chaves (BRA) on overcoming her limits

Modern Pentathlon

Pentathletes in South America have not had to look far afield for inspiration in recent years.

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games have raised the profile of the Olympic movement across the continent like never before. And in Brazil, pentathletes have been inspired by Yane Marques, winner of the women’s bronze medal at London 2012.

Maria Ieda Chaves Guimaraes, 19, names Marques (BRA) as her sporting idol as she savours the prospect of following in her footsteps at the Tokyo 2020 Games in the latest #RoadToTokyo interview.


Q: How did it feel in 2019 when you finished 4th at the Pan American Games in Lima (PER) to secure a qualification place for the Tokyo Olympics? 

A: A mix of emotions, happiness, gratitude, a sense of accomplishment!


Q: What do you remember about the last Olympic Games in Rio in 2016? What were you thinking during that time?

A: I only thought about training to fulfil the dream of getting qualified for Tokyo.



Q: What do you think about the Olympics being postponed until 2021? 

A: It was a surprise, it's always bad to postpone a dream, but I know it was the best choice for everyone's safety. This situation with the virus is still very uncertain.


Q: How have you been keeping up your physical and mental health during the Coronavirus crisis? 

A: Most of the training has been done at home. I do my best as much as possible. I ended up using the quarantine to discover some hobbies!


Q: What has been the most challenging part?

A: Maintaining a training routine. In some disciplines I am very limited, but I do my best as much as possible!

Q: And what positive things have you seen? 

A: It makes me know myself better, jump over a wall of physical and mental limitations. See how much I love the pentathlon!


Q: When, and why, did you take up the Modern Pentathlon? 

A: I started the pentathlon 10 years ago by chance. My father did a job at the club where he trained and ended up getting to know the sport. Since then I have been passionate about the sport and I am never far from it.


Q: What motivates you in training? 

A: Wanting to overcome my limits, knowing how far I can go.

Q: Who are your role models in sport, and in life? 

A: In sports, Yane Marques no doubt. She is an example of an athlete who did incredible things. In life, it's my family.


Q: What is your ultimate ambition in Modern Pentathlon?

A: Go in search of an Olympic medal and overcome my limits!


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