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UIPM 2019 Global Laser Run City Tour: Barriers overcome in Miranda (VEN)

Laser Run

Following the success of the opening event in Barina, the unsettled nation of Venezuela staged a second Global Laser Run City Tour on June 29.

This time the venue was the city of Miranda and 243 schoolchildren, aged eight to 13, came from various educational institutions across the state to have their first taste of Laser Run.

Venezuela is currently disrupted by serious political and social unrest, making it difficult to organise coordinated sport.

A spokesperson for the local organising committee in Miranda (VEN) said: “The Venezuelan Federation of Modern Pentathlon again overcame the different barriers and carried out the second UIPM Global Laser Run City Tour.

“It is gratifying for our sports federation to meet the planned objectives and show the world that we can publicize our sport.

“With this event we again fulfilled our objectives and we thank the UIPM for continuing to count on us with this majestic project, which enriches our sport with experience and organization.”

The GLRCT was created in 2017 to provide an entry point to UIPM Sports for people of all ages in urban communities around the world.

Another 100 cities have been selected in 2019 as hosts of the GLRCT or the Biathle/Triathle National Tour. The full calendar can be viewed at the UIPM website, where you can also find more information on UIPM’s various multi-discipline sports.

In September, the UIPM Laser Run World Championships will be incorporated into the Pentathlon World Championships for the first time in Budapest (HUN), where Laser Run is also on the programme for the 1st World Urban Games.

In December, Laser Run and Triathle will both feature for the first time in the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in the Philippines.

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