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UIPM 2022 Masters World Championships cancelled


The UIPM Executive Board (EB) has confirmed the cancellation of the UIPM 2022 Masters World Championships.

A request for cancellation by the host Finnish Modern Pentathlon Federation was discussed and accepted in the EB meeting on May 2 after a discussion about challenging global circumstances.

As the competition is traditionally staged in even years, UIPM will in the coming months open a bid for the UIPM 2024 Masters World Championships. UIPM will also support the organisation of the European Masters Championships 2023.

As the cancellation has also caused the postponement of the UIPM Masters Committee elections, the EB agreed to appoint a small working group to work on Masters matters together with the UIPM administration before the next election (likely to be in 2024). The composition of the working group will be proposed in the coming weeks.

UIPM encourages National Federations to conduct their own national Masters events with international participation and urges all athletes to continue training and entering the over-age categories in both the UIPM Laser Run and Biathle-Triathle World Championships in Portugal later this year.

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